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Razer Enki Pro in test: How comfortable is the premium gaming chair?

The gaming accessories market is growing and thriving. But it’s no longer just the mouse, keyboard and headset that play a major role in setting up your own PC setup. If you want to prevent back pain after long gaming sessions, you can’t do without a suitable gaming chair. This exciting product line is now extremely diversified. You can already get a suitable seat in gaming optics at a price of just under 100 Euros. However, if you are serious and don’t want to do without important features, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket.

Razer Enki Pro Packaging

Here, sometimes ten times the price tag is anything but unusual. The gaming experts from Razer now want to enrich exactly this premium segment with a new gem. After the US company was able to convince many gamers of its own gaming chairs last year with its Razer Enki, the pro version of the piece of furniture is now coming. And this one seems to have a lot to offer not only for the eye, but also for the back health. We took a look at the Razer Enki Pro and let you know if the horrendous price is worth it in our Razer Enki Pro review.

Technical details

Recommended maximum weight 136 kg
Recommended height between 166 cm and 204 cm
Color Green and black
Materials Base consisting of steel frame and aluminum base. Covered in premium EPU synthetic leather and Alcantara.
Armrests 4D metal reinforced armrests
Casters 60 mm casters with PU coating
Cushion High density PU molded foam
Tilt angle backrest Up to 152 degrees
Headrest Magnetic Memory Foam Headrest
Warranty 36 months
Price 1099,- €
€ 1,099.00
Buy now* Razer

Scope of delivery and assembly

Razer stays true to its reputation for high-quality packaging with the Enki Pro as well. Thus, the manufacturer relies on a fancy shell and even fancier contents. Before the contents are put into the box, you will see extremely practical gloves that are supposed to protect you from injuries during assembly. These come, how could it be otherwise, in the company colors black and green.

Practical gloves for assembly are included

After seeing a dedication on poison-green paper from CEO Min-Lian Tang, the assembly instructions also follow immediately. The instructions are generously illustrated and show you step by step how to assemble the device in a foolproof way.

The assembly of the gaming chair was as uncomplicated as the instructions suggest. Razer takes you by the hand very well here and guides even crafty people to the end result – the Razer Enki Pro.

Design and workmanship

Connoisseurs of the original Razer Enki will quickly notice that this is a new member of the Razer family. This is not only due to the brand-typical color combination of lots of black and subtle accents in green. The rest of the design is also very reminiscent of the popular gaming chair. Why should the US company also improve the successful formula of the just one year old Razer Enki? It’s not without reason that this one was able to collect many awards.

The individual components are already waiting under the instructions. Razer packs these with a lot of care.

But of course, the new version does not get the nickname “Pro” without reason. After all, the gaming manufacturer has turned many different screws to create the optimal gaming chair. The heart of every gaming chair is, of course, the base frame. And here, Razer relies on high-quality materials. Razer makes the frame out of steel and relies on aluminum for the base. This combination ensures a high level of stability.

However, not only the skeleton of the gaming chair is right. The cover also exudes the finest premium feeling. Razer relies on a carbon fiber-look cover for the back, which radiates a reserved coolness. However, the front is much more exciting. You can sit on the finest Alcantara, which is almost reminiscent of the seat of a high-priced sports car. A border of fine synthetic leather nestles around the noble microfiber fabric.

Razer Enki Pro back
The back is not only emblazoned with the company name. On top of that, it scores with a chic carbon fiber look.

Of course, the usual game with Razer’s green color accents should not be missing. Here, the manufacturer shows itself to be pleasingly restrained. Besides the iconic green snake symbol on the headrest, the synthetic leather is also accented with green stitching. Really chic! But it’s not just a treat for the eyes.

The superbly crafted stitching makes a great impression.

Once you lay your hands on the chair, you immediately notice the high quality of the material, but also the workmanship. You just want to sit in it. There are practical ventilation slots in the neck area of the gaming chair, which provide cooling during heated gaming sessions. The high build quality can also be seen in the base, which is made of aluminum and equipped with 60 mm PU-coated casters.

Razer Enki Pro seat sample

In theory, this all sounds very promising already. But what’s the point if the material of a gaming chair only feels good in your hands? We put it to the test and took a seat to test the Razer Enki Pro while gaming. Once seated, you immediately feel the extremely soft Alcantara, which Razer claims is sourced from Italy. This provides comfortable padding without causing a hot or even sweaty back. The synthetic leather on the sides of the seat and back upholstery not only makes a resistant impression.

Razer Enki Pro from the front
The Razer Enki Pro is just as comfortable as it looks.

On top of that, Razer emphasizes that this comes from environmentally friendly production. In particular, the US manufacturer pays attention here to the lowest possible CO² emissions. I found the support function in the area of the lower spine to be particularly pleasant. Here, the Razer Enki Pro provides optimal relief in the test. To achieve this, the manufacturer has once again improved the cushion density, which was already very good in the standard Razer Enki model. Not only for the lower, but also for the rest of the spine, the soft material is a real boon.

Razer Enki Pro seat
The seat cushion with Alcantara doesn’t cause any pain on the backside even after long hours of gaming

Finally, the Razer Enki Pro finds the perfect middle ground here between a soft seat and effective lower back support. I didn’t miss a separate lumbar support like many vendors offer on their chairs here. However, there may well be one or the other who misses a corresponding reinforcement here. The headrest of the Razer Enki Pro also deserves special mention. This can be attached to the headrest of the gaming chair as needed.

The back cushion supports the lower back and relieves pressure on the rest of the spine for a healthy and comfortable sitting position.

The installation is extremely convenient and very easy by hand via magnetic mechanism. It quickly becomes apparent that the headrest is larger than on many other gaming chairs. Since the headrest is flexible, it always adapts perfectly to the user’s head position. Thanks to the special foam, the headrest should probably provide optimal support for almost any head shape.

Razer has once again done a really good job with the armrests. A common 4D design is used here, which makes it possible to adjust the armrests to one’s own needs. Thus, they can not only be adjusted up and down, but also to the left and right.

Many adjustment options for optimal ergonomics

Not every body is the same. And this concerns not only different weight and different body sizes. In particular, different back shapes and other parameters must be taken into account if you want to achieve the optimal fit on a gaming chair. To make this possible, Razer relies on essential customization options for its Enki Pro. We have already gone into more detail about two of them. Besides the adjustability of the neck support, the adjustment of the armrests is also extremely comfortable.

The 4D armrests can be individually adjusted

If you want to take a little nap or turn the gaming chair into a TV chair in between, you can do so by adjusting the tilt angle of the backrest. By operating the rotary knob, this can be extended up to an angle of 152 degrees. However, there is unfortunately no synchronous mechanism like on the Backforce One Plus. The seat height can also be adjusted, of course. Here, the corresponding lever between the base and the seat section offers size changes of up to ten centimeters.

You can determine the tilt angle on the rotary control.

We have listed the most important dimensions that the Razer Enki Pro can meet. So you can consider whether the gaming chair with its size fits you:

Total height (with base) approx. 131-141 cm
Height seat (with base) approx. 48-58 cm
Height backrest approx. 86 cm
Wide backrest inside approx. 33 cm
Wide backrest outside (widest point) approx. 58 cm
Wide seat inside approx. 35 cm
Wide seat outside (widest point) approx. 54 cm
Depth of the seat approx. 47 cm
Total depth (without base) approx. 58 cm
Wide armrests approx. 10.5 cm
Deep armrests approx. 27 cm
Height of the armrests from the seat 16-28 cm

Razer Enki Pro review conclusion

Razer has actually managed to improve on its already exceptionally good Razer Enki. Thus, the Razer Enki Pro comes with the usual high-quality build quality, but sets itself apart from the standard model with an outstandingly great choice of materials. In particular, I fell in love with the large Alcantara surfaces in the back and seat cushion area during the test. After all, the exclusive microfiber fabric offers the optimal compromise between comfort and breathability. However, the positive overall impression does not fade when you look at the rest of the gaming chair. Thus, the US manufacturer relies on a loosely lightweight design that should fit skillfully into any gaming setup.

On top of that, there are plenty of customization options here, so just about everyone is comfortable. Whether it’s the headrest, 4D armrests, seat height or seat tilt – everything can be adjusted to your own taste. The lack of a lumbar support, which has become almost commonplace in competing models, is deducted from the B grade. Personally, I did not miss it in the test because the Razer Enki Pro supported my lower back sufficiently due to its ergonomic design. However, I can imagine that one or the other would want a bit more support in this area in the form of a separate pillow. What I missed more, considering the price, was a synchronized mechanism that would strengthen the back and thus prevent back pain.

Razer Enki Pro

Workmanship and design
Features and ergonomics
Value for money


Razer delivers an excellent gaming chair, but I especially miss the synchro mechanism. That's a pity considering the price.

€ 1,099.00
Buy now* Razer

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