Amazon Alexa takes part in data protection!

In the future it should be possible to switch off the storage of voice recordings from the assistant Alexa and the echo devices.

Expansion of data protection

Amazon would like to expand the data protection options and leave the user the possibility of the decision.

The new data protection settings of the voice assistant allow the user to decide for himself whether the voice commands should be saved. If the user decides against this, the individual voice commands are deleted immediately after execution.

According to Amazon, the first time the data protection option is activated, all old voice commands are also deleted from the system at the same time.

Privacy so far

Until now, voice recordings were stored for 30 days or had to be deleted manually before. The voice commands had to be deleted individually or after the respective devices. It was also possible to set a deletion rhythm, which then automatically deleted the recordings every three or 18 months. These functions are still available.

Adjust data protection

The privacy settings can be set via the website, here under Alexa Privacy Settings. Or via the Alexa app via

More > Settings > Alexa privacy > Manage your Alexa data.

Data protection by voice command

To delete all stored voice commands use the command: “Alexa, delete everything I said”.

A direct link to the privacy settings is shown in the app with the command: “Alexa, how can I check my privacy settings?

If the user has a privacy question, the commands: “How can I adjust my privacy settings” and “How do I improve my voice recordings Alexa?

Save Commands

However, if the customer decides to save his voice commands, he has more options for personalizing his voice assistant. Individual requests to Alexa are understood much better.

This is also the only way for Amazon to continue to optimize its service for users.

Thanks to the data protection option, users can now check their own settings more quickly and it is clearer for users.

With this change, Amazon wants to improve the overall data protection and the language assistant Alexa. This gives users more transparency and control over their language assistants.

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