Amazon Luna cloud gaming platform presented

The US company Amazon has announced its own cloud gaming platform, Luna, which runs with the AWS data centers.

What does Amazon offer Luna?

The target group of the new cloud gaming platform Amazon Luna are players with Fire TV sets, Android devices, Apple iPhones, Apple Mac and Windows PC. Based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the game service runs on independent servers called “AWS Game Servers”.

Amazon is cooperating with Ubisoft, which means gamers can look forward to upcoming game titles such as Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6. The games Control, Resident Evil 7 and GRID have been announced by Amazon Luna.

The streaming service Twitch will be firmly integrated into Amazon’s gaming platform, making the streaming of the games even easier because the two services work together and form a community. According to Amazon, games can be streamed directly from Luna to Twitch.

Function and price

The company did not give any details about the worldwide launch, but US users can already register for Amazon Luna via early access to the game service’s website. At launch, Luna supports the Fire TV, Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad platforms. The last two mentioned devices can use the service via web app.

The monthly fee for Amazon Luna is $5.99 USD, which gives users access to a lot of titles from the game studios Capcom, Ubisoft, Team 17 and 505 Games. Over time, the number of games and developer studios will be expanded. The Google Android operating system will be supported later.

Together with the studios, game channels will be established and the Ubisoft channel will be the first to start. The Game Channel will offer additional content, unlimited playtime and DLCs. The standard subscription offers both only in a limited scope.

Early Access

In early access, users can enjoy 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. Both are only available later with Luna Plus. With Luna Plus it is possible to play on two devices at the same time, but Amazon did not publish any information about how expensive this will be.

The games will be played with the Amazon Luna Controller, which is available separately for 50 US dollars and which establishes a direct connection to the cloud via WLAN and thus should have a good latency. The controller has integrated an AI with Amazon Alexa, with which games or streams can be started and the game service can be switched off.

The date for the German launch of Amazon’s cloud gaming service is not known.

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