Google Wallet expands its support for different types of cards

Google Wallet, Google’s digital wallet, is preparing to support a wider range of cards. This includes cards from various service providers and organizations, including ADAC, gyms, and loyalty programs like Payback. This move will allow users to manually add these cards to their digital wallets, making them easier to use and access.

Barcode and membership number support

A particular focus is on cards that use a traditional barcode or membership number. In the near future, users will be able to create digital duplicates of these cards and keep them in Google Wallet. This applies to all cards that contain a barcode or QR code. This feature could also be useful for QR tickets for public transportation, parking passes, or QR codes for online returns.

Storage of identification and insurance documents

In some regions, Google plans to go a step further and allow health insurance cards to be stored in Google Wallet. In some US states, it is even already possible to store ID cards and driver’s licenses in the app. However, it is not yet known when these features will be rolled out in other countries.

Integrating workplace and transportation maps

It may soon be possible for employers to store access cards and company IDs in Wallet. Additionally, Google is working to improve support for mass transit tickets, such as the Deutschlandticket. These features could be introduced later this year.

Save tickets directly from messages

Another planned feature is the ability to save tickets directly from a chat in Wallet. Users using the Google Messages app with RCS enabled would be able to complete the entire check-in process for their trip in the Messages app, with the ticket or boarding pass available directly in the chat.

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