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CNICK Payment Ring Test: Smart NFC ring or useless gadget?

Smart gadgets are simply part of our everyday lives these days. With our smartphone, we are always connected to the Internet and always carry a miniature PC with us. Smartwatches or waerables track our pulse and can even monitor our sleep patterns to help us lead a better lifestyle. But, if CNICK has its way, a third gadget should be added to this duo. Namely, a payment ring. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting gadget in the CNICK review. Is it suitable for everyday use? What features does it offer at all? We’ll show you.

CNICK test: design and workmanship

The CNICK ring comes in a small box that resembles a futuristic ring box. When you pull open the white packaging with green and blue color accents, you catch a direct glimpse of the smart ring. In addition to the ring itself, the packaging also contains a practical Quick Start Guide. It explains step by step how to set up the CNICK. By the way, if you are looking for a charging cable or another way to charge the ring, you will search in vain. After all, the smart ring’s NFC chip works without a power supply.

CNICK test
Even the packaging of the smart ring scores with a high-quality impression

Much more important than the packaging and quick start guide is, of course, the NFC ring itself. And this one makes a great first impression. It not only looks high-quality, but also feels very good. Here it quickly becomes clear that the manufacturer has relied on high-quality wood or ceramics. Which material and color the ring has, you specify during the ordering process.

CNICK test
The packaging can also be used as a practical storage box

An amazingly wide range of colors can be seen here. It is not only possible to specify the exterior color. You can also determine the color inside. Furthermore, you can even define the inlays. This allows the CNICK to create a completely individual look.

Individual design

If you then let the smart ring move once from hand to hand, the first impression of the good workmanship is confirmed. Thus, you can exert extremely strong pressure on the ring, without even the slightest hint of yielding here. This speaks for a very high stability. A closer look reveals that the CNICK has a glossy surface. Obviously, the manufacturer gives his smart ring a special glaze. In addition, the weight is extremely low.

CNICK test
Compared to the PAGOPACE (top), the CNICK (bottom) scores with better workmanship and a slimmer design.

The rounded corners are conducive to wearing comfort. This prevents unpleasant pressure when squeezing the hands, for example. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the manufacturer relies on biodegradable materials, which means that the smart ring is not a burden on the environment. If you go to the official website of CNICK, you will quickly find out that you can easily put together your individual ring design. However, before choosing the right color, you first have to decide on the desired material.

CNICK test
The smart ring is available in many different designs

Here, in addition to wood, there is also ceramic to choose from. If the material is fixed, it goes on with the color choice. CNICK scores here with a wide range of designs and colors. If you don’t like the existing designs, you can also let off steam in the editor. Here, almost every corner of the ring can be embellished with the desired color and even engravings.

CNICK Test: Setup

Before we get into the setup of the smart ring, let’s first clarify what it is supposed to be able to do in the first place. The CNICK is, in a way, a counterpart to the payment ring from manufacturer PAGOPACE. However, while the latter is manufactured in Germany, the CNICK comes from Georgia. In terms of their functionality, the two rings are very similar. Thus, an integrated NFC chip enables different smart features here. However, the CNICK is characterized by a much better build quality – at least when you compare the wooden rings with each other; unfortunately, we did not have a ceramic model from PAGOPACE. On top of that, the CNICK ring is narrower, which makes it more comfortable to wear. Probably the most common function of both NFC rings is certainly payment.

The high-quality glaze not only looks chic, but also ensures a high level of wearing comfort

In fact, instead of your credit card or the back of your smartphone, you simply hold your smart ring up to the card reader.

Before you can take advantage of the NFC rings’ features, you’ll need to download VIMpay’s FIDESMO app. The app is where the setup begins. I had to register my credit card through Curve as part of my test. After all, my bank doesn’t support FIDESMO yet. However, after I registered my credit card using Curve, FIDESMO allowed me to register a virtual Curve credit card. As a result, I was finally able to use the smart ring with my regular credit card.

However, the smart rings from CNICK and PAGOPACE can do even more. CNICK advertises that the rings can also be used as Tesla keys. Furthermore, a website can be stored that opens when the rings are held up to an NFC-enabled smartphone. This can be linked to a digital business card from tapni, for example. Very handy!

With the PAGOPACE ring, you feel the wood, not just a glaze.

With PAGOPACE, the range of functions is unfortunately more limited and here, in addition to the payment function, you only have the option of a link with Fidesmo Go Nordics. This then allows the use of the ring in Swedish public transport.

CNICK test: payment process of the future?

In practice, the NFC ring may seem a little unfamiliar at first. After all, there is a certain inhibition threshold before the first use. In some places, for example, people still get strange looks when they pay with Apple Pay. To do this, you hold your Apple Watch or iPhone up to the card reader. So I was all the more uncertain whether the rings from CNICK or PAGOPACE would really work as well in practice as the positive words on the manufacturers’ websites would have you believe. And what can I say. After I used the rings to pay at the checkout for the first time in the supermarket, I was happy to use them again and again during subsequent payment transactions. As high as the inhibition threshold was for the first use, I got used to the ring very quickly. Now the reach after the weekly shopping no longer goes to the wallet in the pocket.


Instead, I unceremoniously place my closed fist with NFC ring on the scanner. It is precisely this uncomplicated method of use that makes the rings from CNICK and PAGOPACE a gadget that, in my opinion, has a good chance of reaching the masses.

Of course, there is the question of security. Do we have to fear that the credit card in the form of a ring will be used for fraudulent purposes? Here I can reassure you. Payment is only possible at a distance of 3 cm and at the correct angle. This makes it more difficult to tap the information. Furthermore, for payments of 50 euros or more, you have to enter a pin, just like with a normal credit card.

If you ever lose the NFC ring, you have to block access to your credit card, just like when you lose a regular credit card. However, the probability of misuse is then probably lower, since it is not immediately obvious that you can pay with the ring.


The makers of CNICK have succeeded in developing a really serious smart gadget. In the CNICK test, it was first and foremost the form factor that gives the ring even more user convenience than the payment process via smartphone or Apple Watch. This is not only because the ring is always worn on the finger. On top of that, you do not have to worry about the battery running out because the NFC chip always works.

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With gadgets like the CNICK NFC Ring, we may be in for a small revolution in the smart home sector. Just imagine that your house lights turn on automatically when you approach your own four walls, even without a motion detector. I’m excited to see what’s in store for us in the future. In any case, the CNICK is a good start.

CNICK Payment Ring Test: Gold Award

CNICK Payment Ring

Value for money


The CNICK ring revolutionizes contactless payment, which could replace Apple Pay and Co. in the long term.

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