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EcoFlow Wave 2 test: mobile air conditioner for the hot summer

Climate change is in full swing, which is reflected among other things in annual heat records. What used to be considered an extremely hot summer can nowadays usually be described as normal. For older and chronically ill people in particular, this can become a health challenge. They often lack adequate means of escape from the heat. The only way out is then air conditioning. However, since this usually involves a high installation effort as well as high costs, most people prefer to put up with the heat stress. Even without an illness and at a young age, the heat can be exhausting. Whether it’s a home office or a campsite, in the height of summer you just want to cool down every now and then. In the EcoFlow Wave 2 test we test today a mobile air conditioner, which should provide a cool head both at home and on camping vacations.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight 51.8 x 29.7 x 33.6 cm and 14.6 kg
Speed of heating 10 degrees within 5 minutes
Speed when cooling 10 degrees within 5 minutes
Battery life maximum 8 hours
Coolable room size 10 m²
Heating capacity 6,100 BTU
Cooling capacity 5,100 BTU
Release May 15, 2023
Price € 1,199.00 * (without battery), 1.999,00 Euro (mit Akku)

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery depends on the equipment variant for which you decide on the EcoFlow Wave 2. In the packaging of the mobile air conditioner itself, we can find an XT150 to XT150 cable in addition to the air conditioner. Furthermore, we can find two air hoses (127 mm and 150 mm diameter).

ecoflow wave 2 test

Three matching adapters ensure that the hoses can always be optimally attached to the various air ducts. The bulging package also includes a window insert, with the help of which you can easily install the mobile air conditioner. With the help of the practical cable winder, you can also avoid cable tangles.

ecoflow wave 2 test

Last but not least, EcoFlow of course includes the appropriate paperwork. EcoFlow sent us the “Premium” version, so to speak. Here you get an additional battery on top for a hefty surcharge of 800 Euros. This should ensure that you can also provide reliable cooling on the go.

EcoFlow Wave 2 review: A mobile air conditioner

First of all, let’s take a look at its looks. The Wave 2 immediately makes a very positive impression. Among other things, this is due to the noble color combination of black and silver. That this is an air conditioner can be seen at the latest from the four air vents. I particularly like the ventilation slots on the upper side. They remind me a bit of the gills of a shark. The two included hoses serve as counterparts to the vents.

ecoflow wave 2 test
We really like the look of the black and silver combination

You connect this to two of the ducts to provide effective air exchange. Unlike many other air conditioners, the hoses not only score with a high build quality, but also a pleasingly compact design. This means they can be easily pulled apart and back together again like an accordion. This is not only practical, but also underlines the mobile approach of the air conditioner. A look at the top side then turns out a bit more familiar again.

ecoflow wave 2 test

Thus, the manufacturer gives the Wave 2 a display that is reminiscent of the in-house power stations such as the River Max 2 (test) or the Delta 2 (test). From the display, you can see the most important parameters for using the air conditioner. This includes, among other things, the current power level. With a weight of 14.6 kg and dimensions of 51.8 x 29.7 x 33.6 cm, the air conditioner is pleasingly compact. It gets significantly heavier when you use the additional battery.

ecoflow wave 2 test
At the bottom is the holding device for the battery.

Then the Wave 2 weighs in at a proud 22 kg. Thanks to the practical carrying handles, however, it can be carried over short distances without any problems even when “fully equipped”. All in all, the EcoFlow Wave 2 scores with a high build quality. It does not crack or creak at any point and everything looks wonderfully high-quality. In view of the good experiences we have had with the manufacturer’s power stations so far, we are not surprised.

EcoFlow Wave 2 review: Operation with battery or wall socket possible

If you look at the bottom of the Wave 2, you will find the slot for the additional battery. The counterpart for the additional battery is located on the side of the device. This is where the matching power connector is located, which you can then use to power the battery.

ecoflow wave 2 test
You can easily connect the battery to the air conditioner using the short cable.

This is very conveniently solved, as you do not have to connect a separate cable here. With a capacity of 1,159 Wh, the battery is pleasingly large, which is also reflected in the endurance. A maximum of eight hours is possible with a full battery charge.

Once the battery is empty, it can be fully recharged within two hours. However, the air conditioner can be operated not only on battery power. In your own four walls or with a suitable outlet on the campsite, you can also conveniently operate the air conditioner via the power outlet or even a solar panel.

EcoFlow Wave 2 test: High cooling and heating speed

Should you use the Wave 2 at home, of course, you should not expect the radius of action of a classic air conditioner in large format. EcoFlow states that areas of just under 10 m² can be cooled down or heated up. The air conditioner works quite quickly. It takes just five minutes for a correspondingly large area to become ten degrees warmer or colder.

At the same time, the device is pleasantly quiet in operation. The sleep mode is especially practical. Here, you’ll only notice the Wave 2 through a slight hiss, which is the perfect solution for sleep-inducing tropical summer nights. In your own four walls, the Wave 2 should of course primarily fulfill its cooling function. But you shouldn’t underestimate the heat output of just under 1,800 watts either.

ecoflow wave 2 test
Thanks to the accordion mechanism, the hoses are pleasingly compact when desired.

However, use of the heating function is more appropriate and quite advisable in the tent or camping trailer. After all, the Wave 2 is the perfect combination device here, providing not only cool, but also warm air in small rooms. In mobile use, the Wave 2 scores particularly well in combination with the manufacturer’s power stations. At least EcoFlow sees the perfect coexistence here.

The sliding flap provides reliable protection for the connections

And quite rightly so. After all, you can operate the air conditioner together with power station and matching solar panel completely CO² neutral. Of course, it is even more practical to use the air conditioner directly with a practical additional battery. You can charge it via the household socket with up to 820 watts. Alternatively, charging is also possible with a solar panel. Here you come to a maximum charging power of 400 watts.

EcoFlow Wave 2 test: operation via display or app

EcoFlow can also score points in terms of operation with its mobile air conditioner. For one thing, settings can be made directly on the Wave 2. The most important thing here is certainly the selection of the appropriate mode. The quietest mode is the sleep mode. Here you get the perfect compromise between operating volume and cooling or heating performance.

ecoflow wave 2 test
The display is very easy to read. The control buttons offer a pleasant pressure point.

Then there is the Eco mode, which costs the device the least energy and allows a battery life of up to eight hours.Last but not least, the Wave 2 offers a Fast mode. This lives up to its name and ensures maximum performance. You don’t necessarily have to be in close proximity to the Wave 2 to make these and other settings.

Alternatively, you can also use the convenient EcoFlow app. In addition to the mode selection, you can also set the target temperature here, for example. I found the fact that the app provides an insight into the consumption data of the air conditioner to be particularly practical. In times of high electricity costs, this is definitely relevant information.

EcoFlow Wave 2 Test: Uncomplicated Commissioning

Many people who would actually like to have an air conditioner are often deterred not only by the high price. The installation and commissioning is also mentally a hurdle for many. With the EcoFlow Wave 2 you don’t have to worry about that. This is already due to the mobile concept of the air conditioner. Thus, it was not created to work in a specific place. The EcoFlow is meant to be used wherever you need it. If necessary, you can carry it from A to B.

If the windows are too large, you should, if possible, put together a chipboard with two holes for the hoses to prevent the warm or cold outside air from entering.

Once you have arrived at the site of operation, the set-up is child’s play. For mobile use, you first connect the air conditioner to the corresponding auxiliary battery using the appropriate cable. Once the power supply is secured, you simply plug in the adapters for the air ducts. Once this is done, tighten the corresponding hoses. Now you just have to hang the hoses out of the window or tent entrance to provide the desired air exchange.


With the EcoFlow Wave 2, the expert for modern energy storage solutions has succeeded in creating a real gem. In particular, I find the mobile approach of the just 54 x 30.2 x 41.7 cm measuring air conditioner extremely exciting. Thus, the air conditioner should be especially suitable for camping enthusiasts and motorhome fans. Especially in combination with another power station or suitable solar panel, optimal operation is ensured here, even on the road.

However, the device should also be a perfect companion in your own four walls, especially on hot days. In particular, I can imagine the workplace in the home office, heated up by the summer sun, as an optimal place of use. In view of the low operating volume, the air conditioner also fits perfectly in the bedroom. However, the whole thing has its price, of course. And that is quite steep. At just under 1,200 euros for the basic version and just under 2,000 euros for the version with an additional battery, the Wave 2 is anything but cheap.

ecoflow wave 2 test

EcoFlow Wave 2

Workmanship & design
Value for money


The EcoFlow Wave 2 is an air conditioner that scores with an extra portion of flexibility. Many people are likely to overlook the high price.

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