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Ultenic Pooleco 10 in the test: An inexpensive pool vacuum cleaner?

The Pooleco 10 from Ultenic is a new cleaning robot on the market with a price tag of €170 and is aimed at the broad mass of pool owners. The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is suitable for swimming pools up to 80 m² in size. Thanks to the dual motor system, the pool can be quickly cleared of insects, leaves, pine needles and other debris. However, it should be noted that all the dirt must be on the pool floor, as the Pooleco 10 can only move around here. The cleaning robot is suitable for all pool shapes with a depth of up to 3 meters. This means that both above-ground and in-ground pools are covered and even a gradient of up to 10° is no problem for the Ultenic Pooleco 10.

Today, we all strive for more comfort and efficiency in all areas of life. Who wants to voluntarily clean their pool by hand when there are cleaning robots that can do it in less time and with a more thorough result? We will find out in the test whether this general statement also applies to the Ultenic Pooleco 10 and whether the cleaning robot can score points in practice.

Technical data

Type Pool cleaning robot
Model Pooleco 10
Color anthracite gray
Max. Pool size 80 m²
Max. Water depth 3 m
Max. Running time 90 minutes
Recommended pH value 7,0 – 7,4
Recommended water temperature 10 °C – 35 °C
Operating voltage 10,8 V
Operating weight approx. 3 kg
Battery size 5200 mAh
Battery type Lithium battery
IP protection IPX8
169,99 € (-14% coupon BASICP10 > 145,45€, valid until 31.5.)

Scope of delivery

  • Eye-catching black and white packaging
  • Two spare wheels are included

The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is delivered in an eye-catching black and white cardboard box. The pool robot is depicted on the front and six “buzz points” can be seen next to it. The sides of the box describe the purpose and specifications of the Ultenic Pooleco 10. There is also plenty of polystyrene inside to ensure that the pool robot does not arrive broken.

In addition to the pool suction robot itself, the scope of delivery also includes the associated power supply unit and a rope with floating ball. Two brushes are provided for cleaning the pool. A particular highlight is that Ultenic includes two spare wheels in the scope of delivery. This is a great feature that is not yet available from well-known manufacturers. Of course, the usual documentation is also included. Here you will find a quick start guide, a user manual, an FAQ overview and a warranty notice.

Appearance & workmanship

  • Dark design reminiscent of a manta ray
  • Lightweight, but less resistant; creaks in places
  • Well-designed handle makes transportation easier

Visually, the dark design of the Ultenic Pooleco 10 makes a successful impression and is almost reminiscent of a manta ray due to its edges. This comparison is no coincidence, as Ultenic has taken the animal as a model and transferred its hydrodynamic structure to the swimming pool robot. This is intended to minimize the driving resistance and thus improve the cleaning of the pool. The red flaps on both sides of the Pooleco 10 are responsible for locomotion, which repeatedly open each other depending on the direction of travel.

In terms of workmanship, the Ultenic Pooleco 10 is commensurate with its price. The choice of material ensures that the pool robot is quite light in terms of weight, but this comes at the expense of durability. The robot creaks in some places and the wheels also look a little cheap compared to other pool robots. However, the large dust container with filter basket inside the Pooleco 10 and the rope with floater ball at one end are neatly finished. The handle at the end of the robot is well thought out and makes transportation much easier. There is no need for awkward gripping with both hands at the corners.


  • Dual motor system with 30 GPM filter performance
  • 5200 mAh battery offers 90 minutes of runtime
  • Collecting tray with 2.5 liter volume and 180 µm filter basket

The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is powered by a dual motor system with a filter capacity of 30 GPM. On the top of the swimming pool robot, in addition to the thick handle, there are also two buttons, one of which is used to start the robot. The other button is hinged and only serves as water protection, as the charging port for the power supply unit is concealed behind it.

There is also a holder at the tip that can be used to attach the retrieval rope to the Pooleco 10. The built-in 5200 mAh battery inside the housing ensures a runtime of up to 90 minutes, so that even large pools can be completely cleaned in one run.

As far as the underside of the Ultenic Pooleco 10 is concerned, there are four wheels and two water inlets. The two fine suction brushes can also be found here, although you have to clip them in yourself first. The collection tray with a volume of approx. 2.5 liters and the 180 µm filter basket inside the cleaning robot are available for any dirt.


  • Switch on by briefly pressing the button
  • Green LED with short beep signals readiness for operation
  • The blue LED is activated when cleaning under water

To switch on the Ultenic Pooleco 10, simply press the button on the housing cover briefly. The green indicator light lights up and a short beep indicates that the pool robot is ready for operation. However, if the pool robot lights up red, it should first be fully charged before the next use. The Ultenic Pooleco 10 signals active cleaning with a blue LED light. Pressing and holding the power button switches the pool vacuum cleaner off again.

The initial fears of not being able to start the robot until it is in the water are misplaced. The Ultenic Pooleco 10 independently recognizes whether it is on the pool floor and automatically moves off in one direction after waiting a few seconds. After the work is done or when the battery is running low, the pool robot approaches the edge of the pool and can be pulled back onto land using the floating rope. However, if you choose not to use the rope, you will have to get into the cool water yourself, as the robot cannot drive up the pool wall.

Practical test

  • Test scenario: round pool with a diameter of 460 cm
  • Concept-free but effective cleaning, although some dirt is simply whirled up
  • Simple cleaning process by opening the clips on the side

Test environment

We use a round pool with a steel wall as a test environment. This has a capacity of approx. 19,000 liters with a height of 120 cm and a diameter of 460 cm. In the practical test, we also check whether the Pooleco 10 can completely remove any particles from the floor or whether isolated residues remain.


After being switched on and placed on the water surface, the Ultenic Pooleco 10 fills with water and slowly sinks to the bottom under its own weight. After a short time, the motor starts and the robot begins to move. However, the cleaning process is concept-free, as the Ultenic Pooleco 10 does not have an AI or sensors to efficiently detect the pool floor. Instead, the small pool vacuum cleaner moves in one direction until it hits the edge of the pool and moves in the other direction with a small turn.

Nevertheless, most of the dirt is removed from the pool floor after approx. 30 minutes. However, the Ultenic Pooleco 10 moves a little too quickly, so that some dirt is whirled up before the robot can pick it up. It would be desirable to be able to set the speed separately using a second button to avoid this problem. It should be emphasized that the Pooleco 10 was even able to clean the sand-filled corners of the pool. The small pool vacuum cleaner also copes effortlessly with minimal inclines.

What was noticeable during the test, however, was that the Ultenic Pooleco 10 likes to get stuck on the pool ladder and can then no longer free itself. This is due to the generously dimensioned floating line, which then gets tangled up in the construction. So if you have a pool ladder, it is better to operate the Pooleco 10 without a floating line. However, the automatic cleaning stop at the edge of the pool when the work is done or when the battery is low works perfectly.


Once the pool has been successfully cleaned, it is advisable to clean the filter inside the Ultenic Pooleco 10 immediately afterwards. To do this, the two black clips on the front and back can be opened upwards. The housing is then lifted slightly on the other two sides with the thicker anthracite-colored clips so that the top of the housing pops out. This reveals the removable filter cover, which can also be released and put to one side with a flick of the wrist.

All the dirt collects in the drip tray and the filter cover, both of which can be rinsed out quickly with a garden hose. Once the dirt has been removed from both parts, the filter cover can be replaced and the housing cover clipped into place on the side.

In our opinion, the entire process is therefore quite simple and requires minimal effort due to the few steps involved. Nevertheless, cleaning should not be neglected, as otherwise unpleasant odors can quickly develop.

Ultenic Pooleco 10 test: Conclusion

The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is a cost-effective solution for cleaning private swimming pools. Although the pool robot only has a floor cleaning function, the result is quite convincing. What’s more, robot cleaning is done quickly and in just a few simple steps. The low weight of the Pooleco 10 is certainly also an advantage, so that it can be easily lowered into the pool and pulled out again using the long floating cable.

However, we see room for improvement in the operation. An additional button for setting the cleaning modes or different speeds would be an advantage here to prevent dirt from being stirred up in the pool in the first place. If you are equipped with a pool ladder, it is better to operate the Ultenic Pooleco 10 without a floating line to prevent it from getting caught.

To summarize, the Ultenic Pooleco 10 is suitable for almost all swimming pools in the private sector. Above all, this includes pools that have no steps and are flat or slightly sloping. So if you want to save a lot of time and effort in pool maintenance for a small price, the Ultenic Pooleco 10 is a good choice. However, if you want more comfort and functionality, you will probably have to dig deeper into your pockets with other manufacturers.

Ultenic Pooleco 10

Design & workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner that is ideal for quick pool cleaning. However, due to its low price, the range of functions is somewhat limited.

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The Pooleco 10 from Ultenic is a new cleaning robot on the market with a price tag of €170 and is aimed at the broad mass of pool owners. The Ultenic Pooleco 10 is suitable for swimming pools up to 80 m² in size. Thanks to the dual motor system, the pool can be quickly cleared of insects, leaves, pine needles and other debris. However, it should be noted that all the dirt must be on the pool floor, as the Pooleco 10 can only move around here. The cleaning robot is suitable for all pool shapes with a depth … (Weiterlesen...)

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