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Hexcal Desk Mat in the test: An ergonomic desk mat?

The Hexcal Desk Mat is a large desk pad with an ergonomic wrist rest. The pad has a magnetic surface so that it sticks securely in place and should provide sufficient stability during use. The manufacturer also states that the Desk Mat is not only designed for a luxurious experience, but also for a long-lasting one. This also highlights one of Hexcal’s main objectives. The company wants to create innovative technology solutions that help and support people in their everyday lives. The company was founded in London back in 2015.

In this test report, we take a closer look at the black Desk Mat. We examine whether the Desk Mat can fulfill the purpose stated by Hexcal and whether it is suitable as an option for the daily home office.

Technical data

Model Desk Mat
Color selection black / brown
Material vegan leather
Desk mat dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 400 x 3.5 mm
Wrist rest dimensions (L x W x H) 780 x 80 x 28 mm
110,95 €

Scope of delivery

  • Plain cardboard box with Hexcal lettering
  • Desk pad and wrist pad are individually packed

The Hexcal Desk Mat consists of two parts and is delivered in an inconspicuous brown cardboard box. Inside are two smaller packages containing the desk mat and wrist pad individually. Both products are each covered with a film to protect them from damage during delivery. After unpacking, we are greeted by the 80 x 40 cm desk pad. With a length of 78 cm, the wrist pad is slightly smaller.

Appearance & finish

  • Fresh leather smell on first use
  • Neatly stitched thread and seams
  • Numerous small beads have an anti-slip effect

Visually, the Hexcal Desk Mat makes a very successful impression and is presented in a uniform black. The mat is made of high-quality vegan leather, which has been skillfully produced to imitate the texture and look of traditional leather. During the first few days of use, the usual fresh leather smell at the workplace was noticeable. In terms of workmanship, the Hexcal Desk Mat has no flaws; all threads and seams are neatly stitched and merge flush with each other.

As far as the three rectangular magnets on the bottom of the wrist rest are concerned, these are attached to the side and once in the middle. They are only visible if you look closely and in bright light. Thanks to the magnetic adhesion on both long sides of the mat, the wrist rest can even be fixed on both sides. The underside of the Desk Mat is covered with a large number of small beads, which have an anti-slip effect and ensure a firm grip on the desk.

The desk mat

  • Sufficient space for keyboard, mouse and accessories such as cell phone or headphones
  • Protects the desk from scratches and stains
  • Water-repellent property

When it comes to accessories in the office, desk mats are often an underestimated element. However, a high-quality desk mat can not only protect the workplace, but also add a stylish accent. With its matt finish, the Hexcal Desk Mat gives the whole thing an elegant look and at the same time provides a pleasant writing surface. The mat fits easily on most desks and offers enough space for a keyboard, mouse and, for example, a cell phone or headphones next to it.

A desk mat should not only look good, but also fulfill its purpose. The Hexcal Desk Mat protects the surface of the desk from scratches, stains and other damage caused by daily use. And even if a drink is spilled, it’s only half as bad because the mat is water-repellent. In contrast, however, the Hexcal Desk Mat should not be rolled up. After all, it is deliberately supplied in a large, long cardboard box, as otherwise the vegan leather of the mat could be damaged.

The wrist rest

  • High level of ergonomic comfort
  • Comfortable height of just under 3 cm
  • Easy to clean and remove at high temperatures

The wrist rest also plays an important role in ergonomics and comfort during long working days at the desk. It supports the natural hand and wrist position. The correct height and width of the support should keep the wrist in a neutral position, which can reduce the risk of strain or tension. With a height of just under 3 cm for the Hexcal Desk Mat, we believe that this contributes very well to comfort, although it is important to ensure that this is also essentially the same height as the keyboard.

When you rest your arm on the keyboard, it sinks slightly into the support cushion. This does indeed feel very comfortable. It should be noted, of course, that leather in particular can be sweaty for the skin in summer. At temperatures above 35°C, this could therefore be somewhat disadvantageous, especially during prolonged use. In such cases, however, the wrist rest of the Hexcal Desk Mat can be lifted with a simple hand movement and put aside for the moment. The same applies to cleaning: both the wrist rest and the mat itself can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth. However, washing both components should be avoided as this would sooner or later damage the natural material.

Practical test: Comfortable in everyday use?

  • Extremely comfortable work surface
  • Smooth material and integrated wrist rest for comfort without fatigue
  • Any splashes could be removed without leaving any residue

After a few days of intensive use in the home office and a few gaming sessions later, we can draw a conclusion about the functionality of the Hexcal Desk Mat in everyday use. The desk mat offers a very comfortable work surface and despite the keyboard and mouse, there is still enough space for any extras. It should of course be noted that we carried out this test with an 80% keyboard (tenkeyless). With normal keyboards in the standard layout, an additional 5 cm of work surface is of course lost, but this is still more than enough free space.

The surface of the Hexcal Desk Mat feels soft and smooth, which makes writing and mouse operation much easier. However, it did take some getting used to from the previous plastic pad to the leather Desk Mat. Nevertheless, the test did not reveal any discomfort or signs of fatigue in the arms or hands, even after long hours of work. As far as the integrated wrist rest is concerned, it proved to be extremely comfortable and supportive without slipping or even being uncomfortable.

In addition to the appealing design, the subtle color scheme in rich black is also impressive. However, this point is probably also heavily dependent on the surroundings, so that the brown Hexcal Desk Mat probably harmonizes better in a very bright office. The water-repellent surface is of course practical. Any drops and a few splashes of vanilla tea cannot harm the Hexcal Desk Mat. The liquids can simply be wiped away without leaving any visible residue. This is of course an advantage over desk mats made of felt.

Hexcal Desk Mat test: Conclusion

As the question posed at the beginning, it now needs to be clarified whether Hexcal has achieved its goal with the Desk Mat. After all, the aim is to create an innovative technological solution to help people. We can definitely confirm this point, even though leather-like desk mats have of course been available on the market for some time. From our point of view, the Hexcal Desk Mat is also a good choice for the daily home office, as the user-friendliness is very positive in our experience.

One disadvantage of leather-like desk mats such as the Hexcal Desk Mat is the price. After all, the materials are more expensive, which is why we are talking about an amount of just under €111 at the current time of testing (14.05.2024). A sum that will certainly put some people off quickly. After all, a quick search on Amazon reveals numerous plastic desk mats for a fraction of the price. On the plus side, however, the Hexcal Desk Mat stands for durability and robustness precisely because of the leather and the surface is also very easy to clean. Precise working with the mouse is possible at all times and the wrist rest can prevent tension and strain on the wrists in the long term.

In summary, it can be said that the Hexcal Desk Mat is thoroughly convincing, provided you have the necessary small change for a luxurious desk mat. The workmanship is excellent and the aesthetics combined with the comfortable handling speak for themselves.

Hexcal Desk Mat

Value for money


The Hexcal Desk Mat not only offers a stylish surface for your desk, but also practical organization for your daily work utensils.

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The Hexcal Desk Mat is a large desk pad with an ergonomic wrist rest. The pad has a magnetic surface so that it sticks securely in place and should provide sufficient stability during use. The manufacturer also states that the Desk Mat is not only designed for a luxurious experience, but also for a long-lasting … (Weiterlesen...)

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