GEEKBUYING: Vacuum robots, power stations and more in the SALE

GEEKBUYING has currently launched another big SALE. You can save on robot vacuum cleaners, portable air conditioners and power stations. Let us briefly introduce you to the highlights.

Roborock S8 gift at Geekbuying

The S series from Roborock is undoubtedly one of the flagships on the robot vacuum market. And this is of course also the case with the Roborock S8. This can already be seen from the impressive technical data. It has a suction power of a powerful 6,000 pascals. This ensures that even carpets can be cleaned reliably. However, navigation and object recognition are the hobbyhorse. The smart household helper relies on a LiDAR sensor and also has 3D structured light to detect even small obstacles.


The main brush leads the way. This is not only because it is made entirely of rubber. Roborock also uses the innovative DuoRoller Brush design. Pet owners will be particularly pleased with this, as the arrangement of the brushes effectively prevents hair from getting tangled. VibraRise ensures great mopping results. Here, the robot scrubs your hard floors 3,000 times a minute with 6 N pressure using the mopping surface. To prevent carpets from becoming damp, the household helper can also raise the mopping surface by up to 5 mm.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Test

Of course, it is really smart to use in combination with the Roborock app. Here you can make various cleaning settings, view the map of your home and set cleaning schedules. At 479.00 euros, you can get this powerful robot vacuum cleaner at a real bargain price. On Geekbuying you also get a nice gift. The store is adding the Xiaomi Shunzao Z1 Pro as a free gift. There’s no better way to get ready for the upcoming spring cleaning.

Blackview Oscal BP3600

Do you own a Blackview PowerMax 3600? Then you can get even more battery capacity with an Oscal BP3600. A whopping 3,600 Wh is available on top. That’s quite a lot. To add this large capacity to your Powerstation, you simply need to establish a cable connection between the two storage units. You’re ready to go.

Image: Blackview

If you want to build a gigantic storage unit in your own four walls, buy several of the additional storage units. An impressive 56.7 kWh of maximum storage is possible here. This should be enough to supply your household with electricity for several days. With the code 8SQVZQ5I, the additional battery costs just €1,239.00 at Geekbuying.

EnjoyCool link

Even if you can’t think about summer yet in view of the currently still fresh outside temperatures, 2024 is likely to break temperature records again. All those who own an air conditioning system will be happy. The EnjoyCool Link not only scores with a great cooling capacity of 2380 BTU. The gadget also comes in a compact form factor. This means you can also use it conveniently in the garden or when camping. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, which is also available, you can also use the powerful outdoor air conditioner wirelessly.

Image: EnjoyCool

If the battery is empty, it can easily be recharged via the household socket. Alternatively, it can also be charged using a solar generator. Thanks to its small and lightweight design, the mini air conditioner can easily be taken on camping vacations. During operation, the small cooling gnome also scores with a pleasantly low operating noise level of less than 46 dB. With the code 8RNCOYH9 , the EnjoyCool Link is available from Geekbuying for 489.00 euros.


If you don’t have a Powerstation yet, then an expansion battery is of course of little use to you. Fortunately, Geekbuying has also thought of newcomers in this area. With the Oukitel P2001, you can get yourself a powerful mobile energy storage unit equipped with a 2000 W inverter. This allows you to operate power-hungry electrical appliances and even construction machinery without hesitation.

Image: Oukitel

The expert for modern energy solutions relies on long-lasting LiFePO4 battery cells for the 2,000 Wh battery. This means that over 3,500 charging cycles should be possible without hesitation until the battery capacity falls below 80 percent. Thanks to its large capacity, the Powerstation offers impressive endurance on a full charge. For example, your smartphone can be charged almost 180 times before it runs out of power. You can even run a fridge for several hours. Thanks to the total of 13 inputs, many devices can be operated simultaneously on the power station.

Image: Oukitel

Not only are there 3x 220-240V AC outputs that can output 2,000 W of constant power. A peak output of 4,000 W is even possible. There is also 1x cigarette lighter, 1x XT60 output, 2x DC5521 outputs, 2x PD-100W USB-C outputs and 2x QC 3.0 USB-A outputs and 2x 5V/2.4A USB. Once the battery is empty, you can charge it with up to 1,500 W. Alternatively, you can also charge via solar, car connection or another generator. With the code NNNMDP2001 you can secure this powerful energy storage device on Geekbuying at the special price of €779.00.

FOSSiBOT 2400 Powerstation at Geekbuying

Attention friends of powerful power stations. With the FOSSiBOT 2400(test) you get a mobile energy storage device that packs a punch. A constant output of up to 2,400 W meets a large 2,048 Wh battery. This is not only long-lasting, but also durable. This is made possible by the choice of LiFePO4 battery cells. Experience has shown that these are characterized by a long service life. You should therefore be able to enjoy this power station for several years without any problems.

fossibot f2400 test

The variety of connections is also impressive. In addition to 3x AC sockets, there are 6x USB outputs and 4x DC outputs. Each of your electronic helpers should be able to find the right output here. Sooner or later, however, even a large battery like the one in the FOSSiBOT 2400 will run out. But then you can recharge it in a flash thanks to the latest charging technology. The large battery is charged from 0 to 80 percent in just 80 minutes.

fossibot f2400 test

The maximum charging power of 1,100 W is achieved via the household socket. Alternatively, you can also connect a solar panel or your car for charging. If you opt for a combination of a socket and solar panel, you can even get an impressive 1,600 W charging power. The Powerstation is then fully charged in just 90 minutes. With the code NNNMDF2400 , this mobile energy storage system is also available at a significantly lower price from Geekbuying. At 799.00 euros, you can get a real bargain here.

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GEEKBUYING has currently launched another big SALE. You can save on robot vacuum cleaners, portable air conditioners and power stations. Let us briefly introduce you to the highlights. Roborock S8 gift at Geekbuying The S series from Roborock is undoubtedly one of the flagships on the robot vacuum market. And this is of course also … (Weiterlesen...)

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