Oclean launches New Year promotion with great SALE

Just in time for the new year, Oclean is releasing some exciting product highlights at a discounted price. And not only that. On top of that, the electric toothbrush expert is offering exciting benefits at great value for money when you sign up on the official website.

Sign up and reap the benefits

Oclean offers you the possibility to create an account on its own website. So far, so familiar. But with the company you benefit in several ways from the membership. The focus is on points that you can earn. With the registration there are directly only once 100 points. For every additional purchase you make, you’ll receive more points to your account. One dollar spent equals one point. Points are also awarded when you recruit friends who also want to create an account. Then you receive 200 points. You get 30 points when it’s your birthday.

Image: Oclean

The collected points can then be used as currency in the online store. On the occasion of the turn of the year, the dental expert gives you 50 additional points when you register, which is why you have a whopping 150 points available at the beginning. Apart from the points, which are ideal for the regular purchase of accessories such as toothbrush heads, there are other advantages. As a member, you will regularly receive exciting information on the subject of dental health and can exclusively test new products from Oclean.

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush

The Oclean X Pro Elite is the flagship product from the dental health expert. It is clear at first glance that this is a premium product. After all, with its chic Smart Screen, the toothbrush by no means has to hide behind the more expensive competition from Oral-B or Phillips. The integrated screen is not only nice to look at, but also serves a deeper purpose. You can use it to see which areas of your mouth you have not yet brushed sufficiently. The toothbrush collects the necessary data with the help of the built-in gyroscope technology, which can detect movements in six directions. In this way, you always ensure comprehensive mouth cleaning.

X Pro Elite (Image: Oclean)

With a maximum noise level of 45 dB, the X Pro Elite is also pleasingly quiet. This is quite astonishing considering the powerful motor, which provides 84,000 movements per minute. Oclean relies on a Maglev motor here, which is supposed to ensure high energy efficiency of the sonic toothbrush. To ensure individual tooth cleaning, you can choose between a total of four different modes. In the cleaning mode, you can choose from a total of 32 intensity levels. Of course, the brush heads also have to be right for a toothbrush. And here, too, the company makes no compromises and gives its flagship the DuPont Diamond and W Shape Bristles.

X Pro Elite (Image: Oclean)

The manufacturer rounds off the pleasingly strong equipment with smart features. For example, you can use the IPX7 water-resistant toothbrush even better via an app. For example, a toothbrushing schedule can be created here. Furthermore, the sonic toothbrush offers an auto-wake function and comes with a smart timer, which ensures that you do not brush too long or too short. As part of the New Year’s promotion, you can secure the Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush with four brush heads and 100 points for your account for the preferential price of just 96.95 euros.

Oclean W10

Dental floss was yesterday. With the Oclean W10 Water Flosser, you can clean your interdental spaces gently and effectively with water pressure. This makes it the perfect complement to the Oclean X Pro Elite. With its total of five different modes, everyone will find the right mouth rinse here. Of course, Oclean also includes a special sensitive mode that is gentle on your gums. The reminder function is particularly practical. The Oclean W10 oral irrigator regularly checks its own fill level and reminds you in good time to refill the water tank. The four different attachments ensure individual cleaning depending on your needs.

Bild: Oclean

These, in combination to the modes, ensure that the oral irrigator is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. On the one hand, this allows for targeted cleaning for wearers of braces. People with narrow interdental spaces can in turn free them from food residue. For people with sensitive gums in particular, an oral irrigator like the Oclean W10 is a gentle alternative to toothpicks and dental floss. The mouth shower, which is available in green or pink, is available at a special price of 67.95 euros as part of the New Year’s promotion. On top of that, in addition to the four attachments, you also get 70 points for your user account.

Other toothbrushes on SALE

In addition to the two featured products, Oclean also offers other toothbrushes at a heavily discounted price. First, there is the Oclean Z1. The very good electric toothbrush is now available for 33.95 euros instead of the normal price of just under 70 euros. On top of that, the manufacturer adds eight toothbrush heads and 35 points for the user account.

You can also save on the Oclean Air 2, which the manufacturer has marked down from just under 80 euros to 48.95 euros. Here, too, you get eight brush heads as well as 50 points in addition. Last but not least, you can save on the Oclean F1. Instead of the nearly 60 euros RRP, there is the toothbrush for only 29.95 euros. In addition, there are not only five brush heads, but also a practical transport case.

Save 20 percent on accessories from Oclean!

Who already calls an electric toothbrush of the manufacturer his own or would like to buy matching the new acquisition brush heads or other accessories, also benefits from the New Year’s promotion. Thus, from a purchase value of over 39 US dollars, there is a total of 20 percent discount on accessories.

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Just in time for the new year, Oclean is releasing some exciting product highlights at a discounted price. And not only that. On top of that, the electric toothbrush expert is offering exciting benefits at great value for money when you sign up on the official website. Sign up and reap the benefits Oclean offers … (Weiterlesen...)

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