Allegations of Espionage – Huawei Sues Against US Government

The US government has excluded the Chinese telecommunications group Huawei from the expansion of the 5G mobile communications network on charges of espionage. Moreover, the government under Donald Trump has also achieved this through political pressure, which allied states such as New Zealand, for example, follow the example of the USA, although no evidence of alleged espionage has yet been presented. The Group has now filed a lawsuit against the US government in a court surrounding the US state of Texas in order to overturn the ban, which it itself found to be unjustified.

Huawei deputy chairman Guo Ping said during a press conference that there was “no evidence” to support the alleged espionage and that the ban was “unconstitutional”.

“The ban prevents us from serving our U.S. customers, damages our reputation, and deprives us of the ability to serve customers outside of the United States. It violates the separation of power principles, breaks US legal traditions and violates the nature of the US Constitution. Huawei is prepared to file this suit as a fair and last resort.” Guo Ping

Experts estimate the chances of success of the lawsuit as very low. It is therefore above all a symbolic act to show that Huawei will not accept the US government’s ban without a fight. In addition, the complaint is intended to increase confidence in the Shenzhen-based group’s technology in other countries, including Germany, where no final decision has yet been taken on the use of Huawei hardware in the 5G expansion.

Specifically, the US government claims that the Chinese government could force Huawei to share information. Some critics even fear that Huawei will have a kill switch with which the Chinese government could switch off the 5G network within the USA in an emergency.

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