Apple: Patent infringement requires $506 million penalty payment

In the USA, Apple was sentenced to a horrendous fine for patent infringement. The company must pay Optis Wireless and other smaller companies a total of 506 million US dollars.

First patent decision since Corona

This was the first court case concerning a patent infringement since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The Eastern District of Texas was responsible for this case. The federal jury in particular decided on the patent infringement. The subject of the lawsuit was a series of so-called “Optic Wireless Patents”. Apple used these patents primarily for its LTE technology. Naturally, the large technology group tried to prove during the court case that it had not infringed any of the patents at hand. Apple argued in this connection by providing an insight into the inner workings of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Thus, the court should have found that there was no patent infringement.

A license agreement was refused

Of course, the plaintiff Optis Wireless paints a completely different picture of the situation. For example, the company once again makes it clear that Apple has infringed patents. Optis Wireless even offered the iPhone inventor a license for the worldwide use of its patents. Apple however refused the offer. According to Optis Wireless, this offer was not only fair and reasonable. Furthermore, it did not contain any obligations that could have constituted discrimination for Apple. Optis Wireless even made several attempts to grant a license. Nevertheless, Apple did not give in.

Apple could not present any evidence

Apple’s attempt to prove otherwise was unsuccessful. The manufacturer from Cupertino, for example, said that all patent claims that had been produced were invalid. The court, however, followed the statements of Optis Wireless. This means that Apple will have to face another fine. This will not be too easy to cope with, with an impressive 506 million dollars.

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