Corning Wants to Develop Foldable Gorilla Glass

Foldable smartphones are the latest trend. Both Samsung and Huawei will launch their first collapsible displays later this year. What the displays lack is resistance. This was abandoned in favour of the trend towards bendability. Corning now wants to develop a solution to this problem.

With its gorilla glass, Corning produces an extremely resistant glass that is used today in most smartphones. They survive falls from medium heights and a rough handling easily. Scratches or even jumps, which were commonplace a few years ago, were largely banned from the smartphone business with gorilla glass. With the foldable displays, however, they will return temporarily. Manufacturers still have to decide between foldability and resistance. Corning has now produced the first sample of a bendable gorilla glass display, but stated that it will be years before the resistance of today’s gorilla glass 6 can also be achieved on foldable displays.

So the manufacturer is not yet satisfied with the prototype. For this reason, the glass will not go into mass production, but will be technically modified. It will be some time before it can be found in foldable smartphones. The first generations of foldable smartphones will therefore be afflicted with this flaw. Nevertheless, it is certainly positive news for manufacturers that Corning has taken on the task of developing a robust yet foldable glass.

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