Corona-Warn-App: Changeover in risk calculation

SAP has announced in a podcast that the Corona-Warn-App will be revised a bit. In particular, the software developer responsible has indicated that changes will be made in the area of risk calculation.

Future notification also after short contacts

As part of the update podcast with the episode name “The digital virus watchdog”, the responsible press spokespersons from Telekom and SAP talked about possible modifications to the Corona-Warn-App. Dr. Justus Benzler (epidemiology) and Thomas Klingbeil (software expert at SAP) were also involved. The four of them talked about the app’s new risk calculation. In the future, not only longer contacts with a minimum length of 10 minutes will be taken into account. With the corresponding update, contacts of short duration will also become relevant. In particular, if one has had contact with a demonstrably infected person for at least 5 minutes, the Corona-Warn-App will take this into account as a risk encounter.

More risk encounters as a result

In the wake of the update, corresponding “low-risk encounters” are also likely to occur more frequently. This is at least the case if you move frequently by public transport or are in other crowds. This is a thoroughly sensible update. Of course, the app developers are also aware of this. They hope that the more sensitive measurement of risk encounters will enable more accurate detection of relevant encounters with infected persons.

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