Data centers of cloud provider OVH destroyed by fire

A fire at the data center of the French hosting provider OVH completely destroyed one data center and one was partially damaged. German online service providers and websites are also affected by the losses.

Major fire in Strasbourg

OVH is one of the largest cloud providers in Europe, alongside well-known giants such as Azure, Google and AWS. In total, the company operates 27 data centers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The data center, which operates in Strasbourg, France, was partially destroyed by a major fire on Wednesday night. The fire was not extinguished until shortly after seven in the morning. The CEO Octava Klaba, reported via Twitter that one of the centers (SGB2) was no longer salvageable and part of the other center (SGB1) was destroyed. Firefighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the other data centers (SGB3 and SGB4). Fortunately, there was no personal injury as a result of the major fire. It is not yet known which companies and services are affected by the incident, nor how the fire started. Klaba, meanwhile, is appealing to OVH customers to activate their “Data Recovery Plan.”

Among those affected by the incident are the Centre Pompidou cultural center in Paris, the city of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine near Paris, French weather sites and the Chamber of French and German-speaking Bar Associations in Belgium. Likewise, local website operators are experiencing problems due to the fire at OVH, including the online platform of Hamburg’s universities “Hamburg Open Online University”, the meme platform “Pr0gramm” and Multimedia Kontor Hamburg.

Restart SGB3 and SGB4

Since OVH does not yet have access to the non-damaged data centers three and four, they cannot yet resume their service. As soon as access is possible again, the company will check the servers and restart the system as soon as possible so that they can resume their service. The current states of the data centers can be seen on the status page of OVH nachsehen, here are so far still many red indicator lights apparent. The company went on to say that the impact of the incident is being assessed and that it intends to provide “maximum transparency on the progress of the analysis.”

Last incident in 2017

In 2017, there was already once an incident in the data center in Strasbourg, the cause here was a power failure.

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