Dropbox Restricts Free Use to Three Devices

Until now, the free Dropbox account could be used on any number of devices. This was convenient for the users: they stored data in the Dropbox cloud and could conveniently access it from all their devices. Now that’s over. Dropbox only allows users of the free version to connect a maximum of three devices.

The intention behind this restriction is clear: Dropbox wants to get some users to take out a paid subscription in order not to have to give up the convenience of the infinite number of connected devices. If you want to continue to connect every device you own to your Dropbox account, you will soon have to pay at least 9.99 Euro per month. Thus a storage space of one TB beckons then beside the abolished device limitation.

On the positive side, already connected devices are not disconnected. Anyone who has already connected four or 40 or more devices to their Dropbox account can still access their Dropbox memory from all these devices. Only he will not be able to add new devices. But there is one exception here as well: If you delete old device connections, you may add new devices.

Simon Lüthje

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