GOG Galaxy 2.0 Combines PC and Console Games in an All-In-One Interface

The game shop GOG currently offers a software like Steam for own games with the GOG Galaxy Client. With the upcoming update to version 2.0, an all-in-one solution will emerge that combines games and friend lists from different vendors, according to the developer CD project.

The company wants to counteract the increasing number of individual clients, launcher and shops that make it increasingly necessary to install individual software for different games and to maintain separate lists of friends. GOG Galaxy, which still has relatively few users compared to Steam, the EPIC Launcher and other industry giants, could thus offer a unique selling proposition and profit from the competition of the established providers.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 shall access the other platforms and present the games in a uniform overview which is called “main collection”. Games can then be installed and started directly from the client without having to start other platforms such as Steam. In addition to PC platforms, consoles should also be supported.

CD Projekt has not yet released a list of supported third-party clients. The website merely states that “a mixture of official and unofficial open source integrations” is used. In addition to the games, friends are also bundled together to see their activities and chat with them, regardless of “what platform they are on”.

The developers also promise to attach great importance to data protection. Data shall not be passed on to third parties and users of the client can have stored data deleted from the provider’s server with one click.

An exact release date does not yet exist. Interested can apply over at present for a closed Beta test .

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