Google Assistant Receives Face Detection and Multi-User Support

In the recently published Beta 9.10.3 of the Google app, hints were found for an update that enables multi-user support and facial recognition with the Google Assistant. This information was discovered by Android Police, who analyzed the APK file of the beta and were able to reveal the secrets of the version code-named Avocado.

Currently, only the smart speakers in the Google Home range support multiple users who are recognized by their voices. Thanks to the new ‘Face Match’ feature, the Google Assistant app will soon also have a feature where users can create an individual profile and then log in using Face Recognition. The personalized Google Assistant can thus be used across devices and independent of the smartphone or tablet used.

Face Match is designed to help each person to achieve their desired usage behavior. Depending on the smartphone user, the demands on Google search but also on the taste of movies and music often differ significantly, which means that only one profile for several people as before significantly restricts the use of the Google Assistant App. In addition, separate profiles can protect privacy by eliminating the need for different users to share the same history. It is not yet known which smartphones will support the new Face Match function, whether a 2D face recognition system is sufficient or whether the more secure 3D variant is required.

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