IFA: Okai would like to sell in the future E-Scooter instead of lend

In the e-scooter segment, Xiaomi and Ninebot are currently the market leaders in Germany. But now a new big player is to enter the race. Okai, which so far made its scooters available only to lessors like Tier, would like to sell now also E-Scooter. The ES500 is to be the start.

Tier bets on Okai

Many will not be able to do anything with the Okai company. Many might have stood unconsciously already on a scooter of the company. That applies at least to users of E-Scooter lessors such as Tier, Voi or Jump. Finally these enterprises set always on the scooters of the Chinese manufacturer. Who always used the scooters of the lenders with benefit, will be pleased to be able to buy these now also. In particular the ES500 of Okai is to be available soon in Germany for the purchase.

Technical details

A look at the specs of the upcoming e-scooter already sounds promising. For example, it is to be equipped with a 280 Wh battery, which will guarantee a distance of up to 30 km. Accordingly, it is not a lightweight. With 17 kg it probably cannot be carried too far. The ES500 relies on a 350 watt electric motor located in the front wheel. This motor should be able to bring the ES500 to a maximum speed of 28 km/h. Depending on the legal requirements of the country, however, it is locked at 20 or 25 km/h. As the manufacturer has announced, the ES500 probably already meets all the requirements to be able to obtain road approval in Germany.

Okai relies on lightweight aluminum for the material. This not only helps the overall weight, but also makes the scooter extremely durable. Tony Günther, spokesman for the Chinese company, makes it clear that they are taking advantage of the experience gained from the e-scooter rental business. This has enabled them to develop practical features such as their one-click mechanism for better transport or the powerful lighting. Thanks to the two 12-inch fully-rubberized tires, the ES500 should be able to drive through the city very smoothly. Two brake levers provide the necessary safety. One uses the classic drum brake and the other acts as an electromagnetic brake. Unfortunately, the ES500 cannot be used with practical smartphone integration. On the other hand, it costs far less than e-scooters that allow smartphone integration.

Price and release

The Okai ES500 sounds like a very exciting e-scooter. Especially the fact that the manufacturer was able to do a lot of market research during the rental increases the hope of many for a perfect allrounder. In October it should be ready. Then the ES500 should appear in German retail. At a price of just under 699 euros, it should then be possible to buy an Okai scooter in this country for the first time instead of just borrowing it.

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