IFA: WLAN Devices from TP-Link with Mesh and Wi-Fi 6

TP-Link is not surprisingly represented at this year’s IFA. In Hall 17, Stand 202, the Chinese manufacturer will be presenting various new products that are surprisingly often compatible with the new WLAN standard “WiFi 6”. TP-Link is taking on a pioneering role with the presentation of these products.

Today, very few technical devices without permanent Internet access can be used sensibly. Whereas ten years ago it was rather unusual to surf the Internet with a mobile phone, today hardly anyone can imagine doing without the mobile Internet. SMS messages have been replaced by messenger messages, and telephone calls are increasingly seldom made on the mobile network, but more and more frequently via the Internet. Not to mention the social media, which for many people should ideally be available anytime and anywhere.

For this reason, the development of access to the Internet is being driven forward. The mobile 5G standard is particularly present in the media. However, WiFi 6 has also been developed. This is the latest WLAN standard, which enables the fastest and most widespread WLAN. And this is exactly where TP-Link takes the initiative: TP-Link could contribute to the spread of the new WLAN standard by developing products compatible with this WLAN standard.

At the IFA, a compatible router and a repeater as well as a network card will be presented. Unlike its predecessors, the new WLAN standard, which was only introduced this year, can use not only the 2.4 GHz band, but also a 5 GHz band. This ensures not only higher speeds, but also less interference. TP-Links router “Archer AX50” benefits from supporting this new standard: Latencies and lame surfing should be a thing of the past with it. Transmission speeds of up to 575 Mbit/s on the 2.4 GHz band and up to 2,400 Mbit/s on the 5 GHz band as well as latencies reduced by up to 75 percent compared to predecessor models make the new WiFi 6 router the absolute top product.

The same applies to the “RE505X” repeater, which is designed to amplify signals and carry them to the furthest corners of the house – without any noticeable loss of speed. The WiFi 6 Repeater’s one-mesh compatibility makes it compatible with other mesh products. Some of these were also presented at the IFA: TP-Link expands the Deco family by three products. Two of these new mesh products support the new WLAN standard. The “TX3000E” card makes computers fit for the new WLAN standard.

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