Kioxia Europe: New generation of SSDs launched

The storage experts of Kioxia Europe have pointed out the upcoming sixth generation of their product family around Enterprise SAS SSDs during a presentation. Serial Attached SCSI offers many advantages, especially in the server area. In contrast to pure consumer SSDs, the new SSDs of the PM6 series should be able to offer a maximum of security and high performance. Thus they should be tailor-made for server applications.

More speed and lots of storage space

Kioxia Europe is considered the successor to the Toshiba Memory Group. For years, they have been the experts when it came to suitable storage solutions for consumers and commercial customers alike. The now already sixth generation of storage media brings along promising specs. They are based on 24G SAS technology. This is the first one worldwide. This is supposed to be able to offer a sequential reading performance of up to 4300 MBit/s. Especially in comparison to its predecessor, this is an incredible increase. After all, this is more than double the performance. Also in terms of storage space, quite a lot should be possible. Here you can choose between different capacities of up to 30.72 terabytes.

More highlights of the new generation

In addition to faster read speeds and more storage space, the new SSDs from Kioxia Europe also offer other highlights. For example, two host adapters can be connected. This enables high availability. Furthermore, the new generation of the SSD family offers several runtime options. These offer the possibility of different workloads. Users can thus choose between write-intensive, read-intensive or alternatively mixed use. In order to extend the lifespan of the SSD, Kioxia Europe relies on so-called multi-stream write support for its new generation. This reduces the write amplification noticeably and thus ensures a more gentle operation. The topic of data security also played a role in the presentation. With the new product family, the user will have several security options available.

Price and availability

Even though Kioxia Europe gave many details about its new products, the two most important ones were still missing. They did not comment on price or availability. So it remains to be seen when you will be able to work with the fast and durable SSDs of the sixth generation.

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