LG Presents OLED-TV with Retractable Screen

LG prides itself on having created a completely new type of television with its new OLED TV, presented at CES. According to the manufacturer, it is the world’s first television with a retractable screen.

With the new OLED-TV, LG wants to fulfill two wishes of consumers that were previously considered incompatible. On the one hand, the screen, like all other modern flat screens, should enable an exciting television experience and be correspondingly large and high-resolution. At the same time, the manufacturer wants to make the device so inconspicuous that it does not take up space as a huge black surface when switched off. The solution offered by LG for this is unique: the screen can be rolled up when the TV is not in use.

The screen can be retracted and extended at the touch of a button. Consequently, TV users no longer have to include it in their spatial planning as a fixed, space-consuming constant. This should make it easier to combine room design and television experience, which will give the user new freedom. The screen can be used in a total of three stages: It is completely rolled up in zero view mode, partially extended in line view mode and fully usable in full view mode.

The screen measures 65 inches diagonally when extended. It is also equipped with an Alpha-9-Gen-2 processor and artificial intelligence. The latter is made possible both by the processor and by deep learning algorithms and is intended to ensure the best picture and sound quality. In addition, the new OLED TV offers Alexa support.

In addition, the TV supports Apple Airplay, which allows playback of videos and music as well as viewing photos directly from Apple devices. The HomeKit application also allows the television to be controlled directly via the Home App or Siri.

In line view mode, the screen, which is only partially rolled out, can be used for various functions. In this mode, for example, it offers a time display, a weather report, several mood modes, picture frames and music playback. TV functions, on the other hand, require the full screen size and are not available in line view mode.

If the screen is completely rolled up and therefore no longer visible, music playback can still be used. The television has an integrated 4.2 sound system with an output power of 100 watts, which reproduces music in Dolby-Atmos quality.

LG will announce at a later date when and at what price the device will be available.

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