WWDC 2022: Apple presents macOS 13 Ventura

There was a lot going on at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year, Apple rang in the annual developer conference. Besides a MacBook Air in a new design and the brand-new M2 processor, Apple also had big surprises up its sleeve in terms of software. This includes macOS 13 Ventura. The latest version of the operating system for Mac wants to do a lot better. We take a look at the innovations in detail.

Better multitasking

Especially people who are new to the “Mac world” can sometimes lose track when they have several applications open. Apple now wants to significantly improve this sometimes confusing multitasking with the so-called “Stage Manager”. If you open it, you can view the currently open applications on the left side of the screen. But not only that. On top of that, the programs and/or apps can now be conveniently sorted into different categories. Filter options can probably also be used to keep everything manageable.

Spotlight should become smarter

With Spotlight, you can search your own Mac system. And with macOS 13 Ventura, this system-internal search should become even smarter. This is to make possible the use of artificial intelligence.

Image: Apple

For example, Apple talks about being able to find saved photos even with a paraphrase of what is pictured. For example, those who are looking for photos from their last vacation in Mallorca should be able to find them conveniently with a search for “beach”. This feature is already familiar to iPhone owners.

In-house apps to get better

Apple also wants to turn the set screw on its own system apps and improve many things. The first of these is the Mail app – Apple Mail. Similar to Messenger, you can now revoke emails here if you have already sent them. This is only possible within a certain time window, but it is still very practical if you accidentally send a message to the wrong person. It’s also handy that you can now set up automations with Apple Mail. After selecting the desired time to send the message, the email is sent at the desired time. On top of that, Apple Mail now knows which emails are important and which are not.

The Stage Manager is supposed to provide more overview of the opened apps. (Image: Apple)

In particular, messages that are associated with a response deadline are interpreted as urgent. In this case, the Mail app reminds you to reply in time. The Apple browser Safari also gets an update. For example, you should be able to share your personal tab groups with others with the new macOS. The password manager – Safari’s security center – will also support the Passkeys feature from now on. Consequently, you will mainly be able to log in without a password with the latest version of the browser. Since classic passwords will probably no longer be used sooner or later, this is a forward-looking step by Apple. But what is the alternative?

Image: Apple

Apple cites biometrics as a password replacement. Since almost every Mac has a built-in webcam, this shouldn’t be a problem. Alternatively, there are more than enough users of a Mac with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Alternatively, two-factor authentication with FaceID on the iPhone is also conceivable. Since the keychain feature will of course still be used, the data applies from device to device. For example, it is conceivable that the FaceID data of the iPhone can also be used on the Mac for unlocking or as a password replacement in the browser. No matter how Apple may realize this. The important thing is that, in view of rising numbers of cyberattacks, we will sooner or later get away from the current “password culture” on the net.

Apple promises more gaming fun

Those who want a computer for gaming usually give a wide berth to a Mac and opt for a Windows PC instead. This should not remain so, if Apple has its way. At least, the Californian tech company is planning to provide more gaming fun under macOS 13. How is that supposed to work? With Metal 3.

Image: Apple

Behind it is a framework that should significantly improve performance in many games. In particular, Apple promises faster rendering of graphically complex scenes as well as sharper textures. Whether Metal 3 really delivers on Apple’s promises can be tested right away. Thus, the company promises that with “Resident Evil: VII” and “No Man’s Sky” two AAA titles for Mac should come this year.

The iPhone becomes a webcam

In times of more and more video conferencing, it was as certain as the amen in the church that Apple would make improvements to Facetime. Users who own several of the manufacturer’s devices at once should benefit from the new features in particular. Apple has announced Handoff. This feature makes it possible to switch smoothly from one device to another. For example, users who started FaceTime on a Mac should be able to continue the conversation conveniently on an iPad or iPhone. Speaking of the iPhone. Apple’s in-house smartphone should also be able to be used as a webcam with macOS 13. This is not only practical for all those who want to achieve high image quality during video conferencing. Even users of a Mac Mini or Mac Studio, which are known not to have a webcam ex works, should be able to use the iPhone quite simply as an alternative.

Image: Apple

It’s a truly ingenious idea for which Apple has enlisted the support of Belkin. The manufacturer of smartphone cases and other accessories wants to launch a suitable mount that can be used to attach the iPhone to the monitor. Once in use, the iPhone’s camera should be able to provide excellent quality. According to Apple, features like an auto-focus on certain people, but also a great lighting are possible without any problems. Content creators, on the other hand, will be pleased with the ability to adjust the angle of the iPhone so that filming the desk directly in front of the Mac is no problem. This is especially great for unboxing videos. This is where the ultra-wide-angle lens comes in handy. Not only FaceTime, but also the top dogs Microsoft Teams and Zoom should be able to benefit from the iPhone as a webcam.

Which Macs are compatible?

With the release of a new macOS tremble according to experience owners of a slightly older Mac. After all, each time it can be to the point that your own device falls out of the list of supported models. While macOS 12 even supported Macs from 2013, Apple makes a clear cut with macOS 13. If you own an iMac, iMac Pro or MacBook Pro, you should at least have the 2017 version. Owners of MacBook Air and Mac mini should have at least a device from 2018. Those who are lucky enough to own a Mac Pro, on the other hand, should have the 2019 version.

Release still this year

Apple seems to have a lot planned with macOS 13 Ventura. What we know so far sounds really good in the process. The latest version of the operating system for Mac should be launched in the fall of this year. However, developers should already be able to browse the beta version.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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There was a lot going on at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year, Apple rang in the annual developer conference. Besides a MacBook Air in a new design and the brand-new M2 processor, Apple also had big surprises up its sleeve in terms of software. This includes macOS 13 Ventura. The latest version … (Weiterlesen...)

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