Marshall’s Major IV headphones provide 80 hours of music playback

The new headphones from Marshall are called Major IV and feature wireless charging in the auricle area. On their basis, a playback performance of approximately 80 hours should be possible without having to recharge the battery.

The appearance of the headphones has also been improved. The model is much softer and less angular than its predecessors.

Details about Marshall’s Marshall Major IV headphones in the overview

Once the playback time has been completely exhausted, the new headphones can be recharged within 15 minutes (and then for 15 minutes) using the battery quick charge function.

With a driver diameter of 40 mm (frequency range between 20 and 20,000 Hz), these headphones are medium-sized, ergonomically designed models that feature, among other things, a sensitivity of 99 dB SPL (100 mV @ 1 kHz) and an impedance of 32 ohms.

Particularly convenient: the comparatively low weight of only 165 grams and the fact that the model can be folded up in just a few easy steps. A lot has also been done with regard to the comfort factor of the ear pads. These convince with a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin.

In order to make a connection via radio to the terminal equipment, Bluetooth is used in the 5.0 variant. If you want, you can also connect the new headphones from Marshall to another headset.

How are the Marshall Major IV headphones operated?

To operate the Marshall Major IV headphones, you need the 5-way joystick, which was also used in other models. Users will find this control element in the right shell. This allows users to switch between songs, pause, play, etc. in a few moments.

If you want, you can even answer calls with this model. This function is also controlled via the integrated joystick.

What do the Marshall Major IV headphones cost?

The Marshall Major IV headphones are to be available from mid-October 2020 (14.10.2020) and will be offered at an EIA of almost 150 euros.

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