O11 Dynamic EVO: Lian Li presents update of the O11 series

Lian Li has announced an extensive revision of its O11 series. In addition to a reversible case design that allows for left- or right-sided views, improved hardware support is supposed to provide more practicality. The modular I/O, which can be moved as desired, also sounds particularly exciting. We take a closer look at the individual revisions.

O11 series rethought

The O11 Dynamic EVO is said to be a comprehensive overhaul of the O11 series. As a leading manufacturer for PC components, Lian Li relies on the design of the O11D series – there’s no denying that. Together with hardware expert and YouTuber Der8auer, the final shape of the O11D EVO was created. In doing so, both Lian Li and the well-known PC hobbyist can claim to have brought a case to life that is based on the wishes of the community. After all, the fans’ ideas were taken into account during the conception. Optionally, the O11D EVO is available in black, white and harbor gray.

Reversible design

To some, the changes to the conventional O11 series might not jump out at you. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the experts have tightened a few screws here. On the one hand, there is the introduction of a reversible design. This is characterized by a tempered glass side panel that can be installed on the left or right. The big advantage is not only that you can catch a glimpse of the case’s interior.

On top of that, it is completely up to you which side should be transparent. This gives you the flexibility to place the case either on the left or right side of your desk. But that’s only one example of the high flexibility the case offers you. On top of that, the symmetry of the O11D EVO means that you can turn various parts upside down as you please. This applies to the bottom part, for example, which you can also optionally install on top. The internal parts can also be conveniently inverted. So you should be able to achieve exactly the look you want.

A lot of space

So that the whole thing not only looks good, but can also be a guarantor for a powerful PC setup, the O11D EVO offers plenty of space for PC hardware, according to Lian Li. According to the manufacturer, this is to accommodate the development on the hardware market. Graphics cards and processors are becoming more and more powerful and accordingly require suitable cooling solutions. Space is necessary for them to work reliably and efficiently. The O11D EVO should be able to accommodate CPU coolers up to a height of 167 mm. GPUs can have a maximum length of 422 mm. The bracket on the bottom, side panel and top should be able to hold space for a maximum of three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans.

I/O position can be adjusted

Without further ado, Lian Li has moved the I/O connections to a self-contained module. This one is to be able to place quickly and easily at different places of the case. No matter if left side, right side or underside of the front – you should be able to freely decide where the interface finds place. The manufacturer expects a minimalistic design at the front of the case from this design decision. After all, you only see the power button here. An optical highlight is undoubtedly the built-in ARGB strip. It is located at the edge of the front glass bezel. It can be controlled either via LED buttons on the side of the case or via motherboard synchronization.

Practical accessories

On top of that, the company promises a number of practical accessories to be included with the set. First, there is an additional set that is supposed to enable vertical installation of the graphics card. Specifically, this makes it possible for you to place the GPU upright next to the motherboard. This option is exciting for all those who want to use a customized water cooling or AiO. Special PCIe 4.0 riser cables are used for this. In combination with an adjustable clamp mechanism, these should ensure that both thin and thick graphics cards with water cooling are reliably held in place.

Image: Lian Li

In addition, Lian Li would like to include a front grille set. This should primarily appeal to users for whom performance is important. With the help of the grille design, it should be ensured that the case allows for a better airflow. In addition, three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can be mounted here. These are supposed to provide direct airflow, which is supposed to enable better cooling of the processor according to Lian Li. In addition, the fresh air supply for vertically mounted GPUs is improved, according to the manufacturer.

Image: Lian Li

Speaking of vertical GPU. Everything you need for the upright mounting, Lian Li includes. Here, it’s probably up to you whether you’d rather install the graphics card high or low. Certainly, this freedom will be limited by the length of the GPU. Nevertheless, it is praiseworthy. So that there is also enough space for the fan and radiator, Lian Li allows these two components up to 50 mm in the lower area of the case. Those who prefer to mount these components on top should again have 90 mm of space available.

Image: Lian Li

Not everyone likes their PC case sitting on their desk. This can be due to various reasons. But whether you do not like it for reasons of space or taste. Lian Li obviously thinks along and offers a suitable set with the O11D EVO, which also makes the computer the perfect floor setup. In order to ensure optimal operability when the computer is standing on the floor, you can install the I/O on the top without further ado.

Image: Lian Li

In general, the I/O freedoms are really admirable. So you can also install an additional I/O without any complications. This should be interesting for all those who like to quickly connect a USB stick or other peripherals. The set for the additional I/O should not only be able to offer 2x USB-A (3.0), but also a USB-C (3.1).

Technical details

Dimensions 465 x 285 x 459 mm (D x W x H)
Colors Black / White / Harbor Gray
Motherboard E-ATX (width: under 280 mm) / ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX
Power supply ATX (max. length 200 mm)
Material 4 mm thick aluminum.
4 mm thick tempered glass
1 mm thick steel construction
Fan Top: 120 mm x 3 or 140 mm x 2
Side: 120 mm x 3 or 140 mm x 2
Bottom: 120 mm x 3 or 140 mm x 2
Rear: 120 mm x 1
Drive cage: 60 mm x 1
Heatsink Top: 360 mm x 1 or 280 mm x 1.
Max. Total thickness: 87.5 mm
Side: 360 mm x 1 or 280 mm x 1
Indoor scenario max. thickness total:
83 mm (120-mm fans top and bottom)
63 mm (140 mm fan top and bottom)
Outdoor scenario max. thickness total:
120 mm (120 mm fans top and bottom)
100 mm (140 mm fans top and bottom)
Bottom: 360 mm x1
Max. Total thickness: 87.5 mm
GPU length and CPU length 422 mm (GPU), 167 mm (CPU)
Data memory Bottom: 2.5-inch SSD x 4 or 3.5-inch hard drive x 2
Side: 2.5-inch SDD x 4 or 3.5-inch hard drive x 2
Drive cage: 2.5-inch SSD x 3 or 3.5-inch HDD x 3 + 2.5-inch SSD x 1
*Includes 9 sets of 2.5-inch SSD mounting pads
I/O connectors 2 x USB 3.0
1 x USB 3.1 Type-C
1 x HD audio/microphone
LED color and mode button
Reset button
Power button

Price and Availability

A pre-order of the Lian Li O11D EVO is available now. The chic case is available in a choice of black (MSRP: $159.99), white (MSRP: $169.99) or harbor gray ($169.99). The sets, in turn, have quite different costs.

Set for vertical GPU (PCIe 4.0) $69.99
Set for upright GPU (PCIe 4.0) 89.99$
Set for additional I/O $18.99
Front grid set $19.99
Set for I/O above $12.99

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Lian Li has announced an extensive revision of its O11 series. In addition to a reversible case design that allows for left- or right-sided views, improved hardware support is supposed to provide more practicality. The modular I/O, which can be moved as desired, also sounds particularly exciting. We take a closer look at the individual … (Weiterlesen...)

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