Pixel Smartphones Get AR Navigation with Google Maps 10.15 Update

Google’s pixel smartphones, as announced at the I/O developer conference, will receive an update to Google Maps 10.15 augmented reality navigation. So far, the function is only available for pixel smartphones whose users have reached Local Guide Level 5. The activation of the function takes place automatically with the update of the Google Maps app.

According to Google, the new AR navigation system is supposed to help especially on the last few meters before reaching your destination. To do this, the pedestrian navigation must be selected in Google Maps, where a new button for activating the AR function then appears in the lower area.

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When the “Start AR” button is used for the first time, warnings are displayed in addition to tips. AR navigation is used by capturing the environment with the smartphone’s camera. Using conspicuous buildings and other data such as known WLANs and GPS coordinates, arrows indicating the route are then displayed.

So that users do not completely hide the real world and only use the display of the smartphone for navigation, a warning is displayed after a short time, prompting them to take down the smartphone. Google Maps will then automatically switch to the traditional 2D mode. In addition to road safety, this should also ensure that the smartphone’s battery is not overloaded. The AR navigation is therefore rather an additional orientation aid but not a complete replacement of the old view.

The update for Google Maps will be distributed this week. During the presentation, Google did not announce when other smartphones from third-party manufacturers would be able to access the feature.

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