Quick-Charge Technology: Qualcomm Eliminates the Cable

Qualcomm’s Quick-Charge technology is well known to most technology enthusiasts. However, she has been falling behind more and more lately. The reason for this is the wireless fast charging technologies of the competition. Until now, Qualcomms Standard inevitably relied on a cable. Now that’s over.

Qualcomm’s latest version of the charging standard, however, is based on the open Qi standard. In practice, this means that wireless fast charging will also be possible with “Quick Charge” in the future. This should make charging technology more attractive for many potential users. Critically, however, it should be noted that these will ultimately be ordinary Qi load plates that only differ from the competition in their Qualcomm certification.

However, Qualcomm did not specify the loading speed. However, with Xiaomi the first license partner has already been introduced. In all likelihood, many more smartphones and chargers will follow in the coming months, advertising their Quick-Charge compatibility.

Simon Lüthje

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