Razer: Blade Laptops Are Being Upgraded with Nvidia Graphics Cards

After the Stealth series was last updated, Razer is also upgrading its blade laptops. The biggest difference to its predecessors is the addition of the RTX-20 series of Nvidia graphics cards. This graphics card was recently unveiled at CES and will be the new highlight of the redesigned blade laptops.

The RTX-20 series is a graphics card series that until recently was only available for desktop PCs. At the CES, a slightly weaker version of the graphics card in terms of performance was presented, which is suitable for use in notebooks. In terms of clock rate, the notebook graphics cards lag behind the desktop PC versions, but other core functions such as real-time ray tracing, programmable shading and artificial intelligence are available without restriction.

Interested parties can choose between the three graphics cards “RTX 2060”, “RTX 2070” and “RTX 2080” for their new blade laptops. The latter two are equipped with Max-Q – they offer unusually high performance for notebook GPUs and are hardly inferior to their desktop PC counterparts.

As before, the Blade laptop will be available in two versions. In addition to a Full HD version, a 4K version with touch screen will also be available. While the former version covers the sRGB color space, the latter offers a wider color spectrum with the Adobe RGB color space. Both displays are individually calibrated and offer smooth image reproduction with refresh rates of up to 144 Hz.

Razer continues to promote the Blade series as the smallest 15.6-inch gaming laptop. With a thickness of only 17.8 millimeters, the aluminum case is actually comparatively thin. However, it is one millimeter thicker than the previous year’s version.

All models are powered by the Intel processor “Core i7-8750H”, which works with six cores and belongs to the eighth generation. Furthermore, all models are equipped with 16 GB RAM. Since expandable slots are available, Intel XMP-compatible memory can be installed. In this way, the bandwidth can be increased up to 3,200 MHz. Depending on the variant, the internal SSD memory can contain up to 512 GB. It can be increased to up to two TB.

The new blade laptops will be available from the end of January.

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