SanDisk releases new portable SSDs

SanDisk has introduced two new models of Extreme Portable SSDs. These two models are expected to be nearly twice as fast as previous generations.

The Technology

The capacity of the SSDs will be up to 2 TB. According to Western Digital, they are designed to store large data and also transfer 4K/8K material. The manufacturer plans to use them for long-term use and to store high capacities. The Extreme PRO SSD model is designed by SanDisk for professional users who require durable and high performance SSD. The new models in the line also feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption and password protection. With a read and write speed of SanDisk Extreme-PRO-Portable SSD, it enables extremely fast data transfer. When read, the SanDisk Extreme-Portable SSD achieves speeds of up to 1,050 MB/sec and write speeds of 1,000 MB/sec. With a USB-C port, the SSDs can be connected to a PC or Apple Mac.

The design

The case was made of aluminium to be used as a heat sink at the same time. This ensures a permanently high speed during transmission. The haptic of the SSDs was improved by the combination with a silicone cover. In addition, the case should also protect against vibrations and shocks. The SSDs are equipped with a drop protection of up to two meters and are water and dust resistant to IP55. The new design of the NVMe SSDs also has a device for a snap hook. This allows the user to easily attach them to a pocket, key ring or trousers.

Availability and price

Both models, the SanDisk Extreme- and the SanDisk Extreme-PRO-Portable SSDs are now available in both online and retail stores. SanDisk SSDs come with a five-year warranty when purchased. The SanDisk Extreme-Portable SSD with 500 GB capacity is priced at 84.99 euros. The variant with 1 TB will be available for 138.99 Euro and there will be a 2 TB variant for 274.99 Euro. The SanDisk Extreme-PRO-Portable-SSD is already available as 2 TB for 319.99 Euro. The 1 TB version is available for 189.99 Euro and the PRO with 500 GB for 109.99 Euro.

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