Sharkoon VG6-W: Plenty of Space and Many Compromises

With the new Midi-Towe “VG6-W” Sharkoon wants to offer a fan-cooled case with a lot of free space and a price of less than 50 Euro. This is only possible due to the many compromises that the manufacturer makes. There is plenty of room for many fans. In order to make this and the favourable price possible, however, the equipment is saved.

The manufacturer’s high willingness to compromise is noticeable at first glance: The viewing window is not made of glass, but of acrylic. Inside, the usual power supply and hard disk cover as well as hard disk cages are missing. The equipment supplied by the case is therefore lean.

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However, the VG6-W can show off in another respect: it offers an astonishing amount of space and relies entirely on hardware compatibility. Thanks to the generous space inside, there are only a few restrictions with regard to the hardware components that can be installed. CPU coolers may be up to 165 millimeters high. Graphics cards can be easily mounted even if they are too long.

Storage space can be provided by up to three 3.5-inch SSDs or up to four 2.5-inch models, which can be mounted in a slot and on a carrier mounted in front of the motherboard. However, the SSDs must be screwed directly to the housing, as there is no mounting possibility for a bracket. There is also room for a 5.25-inch drive.

The hardware components are ventilated by three 120 millimetre LED fans. These three fans are already pre-installed. Two are in the front, while one is in the rear. There are no other mounting locations for fans. The colour of the LED fans cannot be changed. The case is available with blue, red and green fans.

The housing offers two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and one audio output. The model is already available for prices from 43 Euro.

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