Soon Advertisements in Google Assistant?

Google has recently started testing advertisements in the language assistant. Several US media reported on the emergence of advertisements, of which the language assistant was previously free. In response to requests, Google stated on the record that it was constantly testing new ways to improve the user experience. In plain language: Google has started an advertising test run.

From the company’s point of view, this step seems logical, since it could flush masses of money into the company’s coffers. According to their own information, the language assistant is now installed on one billion devices. The high number of users can be attributed above all to the wide range of options offered by the smart assistant. However, it is hardly profitable for Google so far. The introduction of advertisements could change this abruptly.

However, the user experience would hardly improve advertising. In addition, the question arises of how advertising should be integrated into devices that are not equipped with a screen – many users would probably find the acoustic playback of commercials annoying. It is not yet known whether Google will extend the advertising test to other countries. Furthermore, it is not known whether Google will permanently integrate advertising into the wizard. The group stated that it had nothing concrete to announce.

However, many other ways to monetize the assistant do not exist. If Google wants to generate profit with the program, the permanent introduction of advertising could soon follow. The further development remains to be seen.

Simon Lüthje

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