The Treecard – spend money and support the environment

Payment with so-called debit cards is enjoying great popularity. Anyone who wants to store and at the same time do something good for the environment now already has the option of paying with the “Treecard” in the USA, and in Germany and Great Britain probably soon. Here, trees are planted with every payment.

The treecard is an idea of the Ecosia company and has been available in America since mid-October. Other countries could or should follow.

How does the Ecosia Treecard work?

Ecosia’s Treecard (in an appealing wood design, by the way) should make it possible to support the environment in a special way – and somehow “just in passing”. The principle: 80 percent of the income generated by the interchange fees is donated to various tree projects.

As a rule, you don’t need large sums of money to have a tree planted, for example, through your shopping passion.

The cardholder notices relatively little of this. He makes normal purchases and thus collects indirectly for great environmental protection projects.

Mastercard is a well-known partner of the Treecard

With the goal of protecting the environment, Ecosia can already count on a well-known partner: Mastercard. This means that the customer can rely on a high security standard.

Another advantage: deposits made in connection with the treecard are protected up to a maximum amount of 250,000 euros.

Thanks to an app, the use of the card is to become even more convenient. Among other things, the app can be used to block the card. In addition, the system notifies in case of payments and shows how many trees have already been planted based on the corresponding purchases.

A European support of the Treecard, as a counterpart to the Mastercard support, is not yet available. Who would like to, can already now as a customer register for the coming year.

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