USA Suspends Huawei Trade Ban for 90 Days

The US Department of Commerce has for the time being reinstated the recently decreed trade ban of US companies with the Chinese group Huawei.

The relaxation of the measures is valid for a period of three months and is intended above all to ensure that the company’s Android smartphones continue to be supplied with security updates promptly. It is also intended to ensure the operation of the US infrastructure, whose mobile and Internet networks consist largely of Huawei technology.

New products are not affected by the relaxation, at least users of already sold Huawei smartphones can be sure that they will not have to fear any restrictions at least for the next 90 days. It is questionable whether the US and Chinese governments will settle the trade dispute within this period, so the trade ban could take effect again in the coming months. Huawei must therefore continue to deliver new smartphones without pre-installed Google services.

The US government explained that the new deadline should give smaller rural mobile operators in particular time to look for alternatives, as the Huawei technology often used there might otherwise no longer be used as usual due to a lack of updates. In addition, the US Department of Commerce stated that the transitional arrangement may be extended again after the 90-day period.

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