WD Game Dock NVMe SSD – No more tangled cables

Western Digital has launched a new Game Dock, the D50. The Game Dock is quickly set up and keeps the cable chaos in order.

Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and SSD performance

With WD’s Game Dock D50, you can connect all the devices you need with just one Thunderbold 3 multi-pin cable. With the high NVMe speed, users have more capacity available for their games.

Setup is simple, just plug in the Game Dock, remove the pointless cables and you’re ready to go. The connectivity is optimized by the Thunderbolt 3 cable and allows for example the connection of an additional screen. An additional screen with up to 5K resolution and 60 Hz is supported. The user can also connect all other desired peripherals to the Game Dock D50. Whether mouse, headset, keyboard or Ethernet, everything finds its place. The D50’s through charge is 87 watts, so gamers can also supply their laptops with sufficient power.

To get into the game quickly, the Game Dock has a very powerful NVMe memory on board. The read speed is up to 3,000 MB/s and the write speed up to 2,500 MB/s. This ensures that data is transferred quickly and loading times are shortened.

With the DW Black Dashboard, the user has full control and the status of the drive always in view. For maximum performance, Game Dock D50 also comes with a power-saving gaming mode. The WD Dashboard also allows users to personalize their gaming station. The RGB lighting is user-selectable and can be adjusted as desired. A full range of colors and 13 LED effects are available. The Game Dock D50 is compatible depending on the user’s hardware configuration and operating systems. The computer must be Thunderbolt 3 capable and run Windows 10 (64 bit) or macOS 10.13+. The Game Dock measures (L x W x H) 119.89 mm x 119.89 mm x 55.12 mm.

Availability and price

The Game Dock D50 is available with 1 TB for 456.99 Euro and the model with 2 TB capacity for 615.99 Euro. It is available immediately from Western Digital, with the usual 5-year warranty. The Thunderbolt 3 cable is included with the Game Dock D50.

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