Xiaomi Wireless Charging: fully charged in 19 minutes and without cables!

In summer, Xiaomi had already introduced wireless charging at 50 watts, but now it’s even faster at 80 watts. In just 8 minutes, the battery is already 50 percent charged and after twice the time, it’s already 100 percent charged.

Wireless Charging

Xiaomi seems to have made it her mission to make the wireless charging process work. With the new 80 watt wireless charging technology, Xiaomi is already faster than the most popular wired versions on the market. With the 80-watt solution, the smartphone will have a charge of 50 percent within 8 minutes. The specifications apply to a modified Mi 10 Pro with a 4,000 mAh battery. Xiaomi wants to make the cables for charging superfluous in the future.

Up to now, wireless charging was rather slow, but that is about to change. Wireless Charging has developed very rapidly at Xiaomi, in summer they were still at 50 watts, now already at 80 watts. In recent years, a lot has happened here at Xiaomi, but now things are really moving forward. While Xiaomi was still at 7.5 watts with the MIX 2S, the Mi 10 was already at 30 watts, with the Mi 10 Pro at 50 watts, and now 80 watts follow. The competition is not yet ready, Huawei for example, the P40 Pro is charged wireless with only 40 watts. So far the wired solutions are overall even faster, as these parts already work with 100 watts, but if the development continues in the future, it could make the cables superfluous.

Availability and price

Which smartphone from Xiaomi will be the first one that can be charged wirelessly at 80 watts is not yet known. It is also still unclear at what price it will be traded. The current series with the Mi 10 is available for around 550 euros, depending on the memory capacity. According to speculations it will probably be with the upcoming Mi 11 series. This should be released in early 2021.

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