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1MORE Aero: The insider tip for in-ear headphones?

After the SonoFlow, which were introduced in September of this year, 1MORE has now added another pair of in-ear headphones to its product portfolio. The 1MORE Aero are said to offer excellent sound in addition to the latest Spatial Audio feature, thanks to 10mm drivers. Multiple ANC modes and IPX5 certification round out the overall package. In this review, we put the 1MORE Aero through its paces!


Model 1MORE Aero ES903
  • Earpiece: 39.42 x 20.33 x 24.36 mm
  • Charge case: 61.99 x 56.40 x 25.5 mm
  • Earphones: 4.9 g
  • Charging case: 45.2 g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2 (about 10 meters range)
Driver 10 mm
Impedance headphones 32 Ohm
Input power 5 V/0.7 A via Type-C connector
Play time
  • without ANC
    • Earphones: up to 7 hours
    • with charging case: up to 28 hours
  • with ANC
    • Earphones: up to 5 hours
    • with charging case: up to 20 hours
Charge duration
  • Earphones: 1 hour
  • Charge case: 2 hours
  • Earpiece: 40 mAh
  • Charge case: 450 mAh
Price € 79.99 *

Scope of delivery

  • Packaging with magnetic closure
  • Various headphone earplugs available

The 1MORE Aero come in a rather unobtrusive package. However, the initial unpacking feels appealing thanks to the magnetic closure. In addition to the charging case and the Earbuds themselves, the package also includes a USB-C to USB Type-A cable and three additional headphone attachments in different sizes. The whole thing is rounded off with the user manual and the 1MORE warranty notice.

Optics & Workmanship

  • Well-known high-quality workmanship from 1MORE
  • At 4.9 grams, the earbuds are quite light

Despite being made of plastic, the black charging case feels well-made and the magnetic closure for closing and opening also gives a pleasant haptic impression. The 1MORE lettering is also placed in the center of the charging case. The USB-C port is located on the bottom, which can be used to charge the case and the headphones. Since the charging case also supports wireless charging, it can also be comfortably placed on a charging pad for charging. Furthermore, the pairing via Bluetooth is located on the back, which can be activated by a small button.

The 4.9 gram lightweight Earbuds are located in the case itself and automatically connect to the previously paired smartphone via Bluetooth when opened. The connection search is visually indicated by LEDs on the bottom of the earbuds. When you put them into the charging case, the earbuds automatically move to their position via magnets and stay there even when you are on the go. The two charging dots and the three microphones per earbud are also visible from close up. The earbuds are certified according to the IPX5 standard. While the case of the earbuds is rather inconspicuous in black, the rubber covers with the orange ring on the inside stand out visually from the whole. The interplay of both colors gives us a good overall visual impression. In general, the workmanship of the 1MORE Aero is, as usual, on a high level – the manufacturer has already been able to impressively prove this to us with the previously tested 1MORE SonoFlow.


  • Balanced sound already from the factory
  • Own voice sounds rather muffled during phone calls

The sound and the associated sound image of the 1MORE Aero are well-tuned at the factory and basically do not require any major readjustment. Bass is sufficiently present for an in-ear headphone. We felt that the trebles and mids sounded a bit flat at first, but this can be corrected by manually adjusting the EQ in the app. The correction improved the sound balance and all sounds were reproduced clearly in all frequency ranges.

However, the 1MORE Aero are less suitable for phone calls – several callers confirmed a rather muffled voice. This is a bit of a shame, as the 1MORE SonoFlow offer excellent voice quality in contrast.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • More unsuitable for jogging

The 1MORE Aero offer a good wearing comfort, which lasts for hours. It presses thereby nothing negative in the ear. For jogging, the earphones are still not suitable, because they can slip quickly out of the ear in this sport. However, they sit comfortably in the ear at home and on the go, and we almost forgot that we were still wearing the earbuds at all. This is probably also due to the low weight.


  • selectable multiple modes
  • Mainly low and mid frequencies are filtered

We found the Active Noise Cancelling of the 1MORE Aero to be mostly good, though not on par with the over-ears 1MORE SonoFlow. In the test, the Aero mainly attenuated low and medium tones out properly. Higher frequencies, such as clinking dishes in the kitchen, were rather clearly let through.

The ANC can be adjusted variably via the different modes in the app. It is definitely worth testing all modes, since they have different effects on the ambient noise. While we liked the strong mode the most for on the go, the adaptive mode performed better for quieter environments. This is because, like ANC off, the sound image only changes marginally. The “WNR” mode is very suitable for strong wind, since it is pleasantly filtered out.

The “pass-through” mode is suitable for commuters who have to listen to announcements. Less lower tones are filtered, but voices from the surroundings are emphasized more.

Battery life

  • Up to 5 hours with ANC and 7 hours without ANC possible
  • Charging case offers integrated quick charging function

Unfortunately, we could not quite verify the manufacturer’s advertised battery runtimes of 5 hours with ANC and 7 hours without ANC in the test. In our case, the Aero with active ANC had to return to the charging case after about 4 hours. Of course, this value can vary greatly due to the music genre, the settings in the app, or the volume setting. However, these are still good values for in-ear headphones with active noise cancelling in this price segment.

The charging case is sufficient for a bit more than three additional charging cycles of the earphones and offers an integrated quick charging function. You can continue to enjoy music for three hours with a 15-minute charging time. The charging case, including the Earbuds inside, needs about two hours for a full charge via USB-C cable. However, wireless charging is also possible thanks to wireless charging.


  • Clear home screen
  • Battery status for all components visible directly when opening the app

Since tastes definitely differ, 1MORE offers numerous options in the in-house app 1MORE MUSIC to adjust the headphones to your own hearing. Opening the app shows us the connected 1MORE Aero along with the current battery level of any components. Upcoming firmware updates can also be downloaded and installed for the Aero.


  • Individually customizable equalizer now integrated in the app
  • Double tap and 3-tap earphone functions can be configured
  • New features such as Smart Loudness and Spatial Audio

1MORE provides us with several ANC modes in the app to adapt them to the current environmental situation. Under the menu item “Custom Settings”, the configuration of the Earbuds can be refined. You can variably decide which function should be executed when double-tapping or triple-tapping on any headphone side. In addition to the usual media controls like volume up/down or next/previous track, you can also use the voice control. In the test, every tap was recognized confidently and the specified option was executed.

In addition to twelve preset equalizers, we can now also create our own equalizer to fine-tune it manually and save it in separate profiles. In the specially created profile, for example, the highs and mids have been raised a bit, which in our opinion brings out the best in the sound quality.

Activating the Smart Loudness function is supposed to make the bass and treble sound more appealing even at low volumes. The adjustment is dynamic depending on the song title and is supposed to offer a more powerful experience. However, we could not achieve a significant improvement in music quality in the test, which is why we deactivated this function again. The new spatial listening feature is much more appealing. The sound is projected spatially, which results in a “being there” effect and lets you immerse yourself deeper into the action. Since the sound image only deteriorates insignificantly, it is recommended to give this function a chance!


The 1MORE Aero not only sound very good on the data sheet but also convince us in the practical test. At the current price of € 79.99 *, the Aero offer an all-around great sound and various modes for configuring Active Noise Cancelling. Through the associated app 1MORE MUSIC, the headphones can be adjusted sound-wise closer to one’s own well-being and beyond that, the app now finally offers a customizable equalizer. We did not experience any connection interruptions in our test due to Bluetooth 5.2. The dual-device connectivity is also a clear plus, since you can connect the notebook and smartphone at the same time.

Unfortunately, you have to make concessions in terms of voice quality since you are perceived a bit muffled. However, the 1MORE Aero are perfectly suitable for on the go, and the integrated quick-charge function means that even short recharges promise several hours of music playback.

1MORE Aero Test: Gold Award

1MORE Aero

Sound quality
Value for money


1MORE presents with the Aero impressive in-ear headphones with ANC, which are not only high quality processed, but also offer a great sound!

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After the SonoFlow, which were introduced in September of this year, 1MORE has now added another pair of in-ear headphones to its product portfolio. The 1MORE Aero are said to offer excellent sound in addition to the latest Spatial Audio feature, thanks to 10mm drivers. Multiple ANC modes and IPX5 certification round out the overall … (Weiterlesen...)

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