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Beatbot AquaSense in the test: The cleaning pro for pools?

The Beatbot AquaSense is an extravagant pool cleaning robot with the latest technology. The AquaSense has an intelligent path optimization and 2×2 independent roller brushes, which should double the cleaning performance. Together with the brushless main pump motor, it can effectively remove dirt from the floor, walls and waterline. Another interesting feature is the waterline parking function, which is unique in the industry and allows the robot to automatically set itself down on the pool wall after the cleaning process. To ensure maximum safety, reliability and optimum performance, the Beatbot AquaSense is backed by more than 15 certifications.

The manufacturer behind the AquaSense has been active in the world of pool robotics for a long time and has experienced rapid growth since it was founded by experienced experts from the home robotics industry. Beatbot now has offices in several countries and is characterized by pioneering technologies such as brushless water pumps, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) with advanced navigation and innovative mapping software. Beatbot itself holds numerous patents and is considered a pioneer in the field of pool robots.

With the AquaSense, Beatbot wants to revolutionize pool maintenance, set new standards in this area and significantly simplify the strenuous cleaning process. In today’s test report, we want to find out whether the manufacturer has succeeded in this and how suitable the Beatbot AquaSense is for the home pool.

Technical data

Type Pool cleaning robot
Model AquaSense
Color black
Cleaning surfaces Floor, wall, waterline
Max. Pool size 210 m²
Water condition: Chlorine max. 4 PPM
Water condition: pH value 7,0 – 7,8
Water condition: Temperature 10 °C – 35 °C
Water condition: Salt max. 5,000 PPM
Water condition: Water depth 0,5 – 3,0 m
Pool robot: IP protection IP68
Charging station: IP protection IPX4
Number of motors 3
Suction power 5.500 GPH
Operating system Beatbot OS
Runtime up to 3.5 h
Battery size 6.700 mAh
Charging time approx. 3 h
Maximum output power < 20 dBm
Filter basket capacity 2 L
Running speed 0.18 m/s
Temperature of the charging environment 0 °C – 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C – 45 °C
Dimensions (H x W x D) 233 x 403 x 451 mm
Weight 9.3 kg
Warranty period 2 years
€ 1,499.00 *
€ 1,499.00
Buy now* Beatbot

Scope of delivery

  • Unobtrusive, simple cardboard packaging
  • Manageable scope of delivery with robot, charging station and hook

In addition to the pool cleaning robot itself, the scope of delivery also includes the corresponding charging station and a hook that makes it easier to lift the robot out of the water. To prepare the charging station for use, the two feet must be pushed in at the side. As is usual with technical devices, the Beatbot AquaSense also comes with quick start instructions and a detailed user manual.

Optics & processing

  • High safety standards and 15 certifications
  • Cordless design prevents tangling, robust design facilitates handling
  • Also suitable for saltwater pools

Visually, Beatbot AquaSense could almost be compared to a tank that moves on “caterpillar tracks”. But this could also apply to the pool robot in terms of its high safety standards, which now has more than 15 certifications, including ETL, CEC and IP68. The cordless design cleverly avoids the risk of the floating cable becoming entangled in any objects. However, at 9.3 kg, the Beatbot AquaSense is no lightweight and weighs quite a bit with its technology. Fortunately, the carrying handle on the back is very robust and makes handling much easier. Next to it are two AI ultrasonic sensors for scanning the surroundings, while a circular water outlet is located on the top of the housing.

When it comes to workmanship, the Beatbot AquaSense really makes a statement! In addition to a maximum cleaning area of up to 210 square meters, it also supports a cleaning time of up to 3.5 hours. It can even be used in salt water pools. The maximum density for this is 5,000 PPM. The choice of materials is also well thought out and leaves nothing to be desired. Nothing presses or creaks and the function buttons have a pleasant pressure point. All the components inside the housing also look neatly integrated and well thought out.


  • Brushless motor with 5,500 GPH for effortless climbing of the pool wall
  • Dual 146 mm roller brushes and 150 µm fine filter system installed
  • Cortex-A7 processor and 15 sensors and support for ‘Smart Return’ function

The Beatbot AquaSense has a brushless main pump motor with a suction power of 5,500 GPH. This is particularly useful for effortlessly climbing pool walls. In addition, 2 sets of 146 mm roller brushes are fitted to the front and rear of the AquaSense. In combination with a 150 µm fine filter system, these components are designed to ensure comprehensive cleaning efficiency. The highlight is that the brushes can work independently of each other to ensure the best possible coverage.

The quad-core Cortex-A7 processor with 1.8 GHz and 15 additional sensors are responsible for calculating the optimal route and for precise navigation. According to the manufacturer, the Beatbot AquaSense can “see” and “hear” in this way. As a result, the probability of collisions is minimized and the various components of the pool are protected. With the so-called “Smart Return” function, the pool robot remembers the entry point and returns there automatically after successful work.


  • Three buttons to control the robot: power button and cleaning modes
  • LED light shows operating status such as battery indicator
  • Additional settings via the manufacturer’s own smartphone app

There are three buttons on the top of the robot that are used to control the robot. In the middle is the power button and to the side are two buttons for the different cleaning modes. If the left button lights up bright white, floor cleaning is active. The right button is used to clean the walls as well as the floor. Below the buttons is an elongated LED light that indicates the current operating status of the robot. This is used with a red or green color to indicate the battery and a bright orange when charging.

Many other settings can be made via the manufacturer’s own app. This is also highly recommended, as otherwise the range of functions is somewhat limited. However, the Beatbot AquaSense does not require an active Wi-Fi connection in the pool, even if this would be an advantage for the notification of completed cleaning.

The housing cover can be opened using a gentle pressure switch. This is necessary to clean the robot or to pair it with the Beatbot app via QR code. To charge, the Beatbot AquaSense is placed at an angle in the charging station. The charging process takes approx. 3 hours when the battery is empty.

App scope

  • Setup: Create an account and scan the QR code
  • Offers cleaning modes, monitoring, notifications and reports
  • German translation still a little bumpy

With the app of the same name for iOS and Android, Beatbot offers a convenient application for controlling and managing the AquaSense. For the initial setup, it is necessary to create an account and then scan the pool robot using the QR code located under the top cover of the housing. As the robot only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency band, it may be necessary to temporarily deactivate your own 5 GHz network in the router settings.

In addition to configuring or selecting various cleaning modes, such as skipping walls or double cleaning certain areas, the app also provides real-time monitoring for the Beatbot AquaSense. This makes it possible to view the current cleaning status and the remaining cleaning time. In addition, the app sends push notifications when cleaning is complete, the robot has encountered an obstacle or maintenance is required. A history of the last cleaning operations in the form of a detailed report and firmware updates can also be selected via the app.

Overall, the application works excellently and all features are clearly arranged. The same can be said about the menu navigation, which is also sensibly grouped. Receiving notifications when the AquaSense has completed its cleaning also works perfectly. However, we see potential for optimization in the translation, as some sentences still sound a little bumpy in German and some functions have not yet been translated.

Practical test

  • S-shaped cleaning of the floor, N-shaped pattern for the walls
  • Fully automatic calculation of the optimum cleaning route
  • Very efficient and thorough cleaning

Test environment

For our test, we used a round pool with a steel wall. The pool has a capacity of around 19,000 liters with a height of 120 cm and a diameter of 460 cm. In the practical test, we investigate whether the Beatbot AquaSense is able to completely remove all particles from the bottom or whether occasional residues remain.

Sequence of the cleaning process

A long press on the power button starts the Beatbot AquaSense. Before each cleaning process, wait approx. 5 seconds on a level surface so that the pool robot calibrates itself. The Beatbot AquaSense can then be placed in the pool so that it automatically sinks to the bottom under its own weight. There, the pool robot rotates on its own axis and scans the surroundings with its ultrasonic sensors. This analysis is necessary to detect the perimeter of the floor and any pool edges.

After analyzing and creating an efficient cleaning route, the Beatbot AquaSense moves forward and follows the planned route. Typically, the route is S-shaped so that overlaps are avoided. Once the floor has been completed and the mode for additional cleaning of the walls or waterline has been selected, the Beatbot AquaSense moves up the pool wall with its two wheels. It also cleans these thoroughly with its brushless main pump motor.

The waterline comes last. In contrast to the S-shaped cleaning of the floor, the Beatbot AquaSense uses N-shaped navigation for the last two processes. Once the work has been completed, the pool robot automatically docks at the level of the waterline at the edge of the pool and remains there for approx. 10 minutes before being fished out of the pool with the hook.

Cleanliness at the touch of a button?

After several cleaning processes, both single and double cleaning of the surfaces, we can draw a very positive conclusion all round. It sounds banal, but it’s definitely a big advantage: the robot actually moves through the landscape at a fairly leisurely pace and therefore whirls up no or very few particles from the pool floor. We have often experienced this differently.

Depending on the cleaning mode set, cleaning naturally takes longer. In fast mode, the floor is particle-free after approx. 35 minutes. If you add the walls or the waterline, it takes about an hour. Even in the latter case, there is still enough battery power to theoretically send the Beatbot AquaSense back into the water.

In addition to very good surface cleaning, the pool vacuum cleaner did not make any major mistakes in the test. We did not experience it getting stuck near the pool ladder, tipping over on its head or uncleanly cleaning of the piled-up area at the edge of the pool floor. In short: Top!

Is there room for improvement?

When the swimming pool robot has finished cleaning and has been standing at the edge of the pool for ten minutes, you need to hurry. If you miss the notification on your cell phone, the robot sinks back to the bottom. In higher pools, this can mean that you can no longer grip the Beatbot AquaSense. An extendable hook in the scope of delivery would have been practical here. Otherwise you would have to dive into the cold water yourself.

The integration of a no-go zone would also be interesting for a future update of the app. Although we did not actively need this in the test, depending on the distance between the pool ladder and the pool edge, it is conceivable that the Beatbot AquaSense could get stuck underneath. If the pool robot is then no longer able to free itself, a preventative no-go zone, as with conventional robot vacuum cleaners, would certainly be a welcome feature for the user!

Cleaning the robot

Cleaning the Beatbot AquaSense is extremely straightforward and can be done in no time at all. Once the work is done, it is definitely recommended to clean the filter basket immediately afterwards, as otherwise unpleasant odors may occur. Nevertheless, it can be said that the filter basket with a capacity of 2 liters is more than generously dimensioned for the home swimming pool. In practice, the Beatbot AquaSense would therefore easily survive several cleaning processes before it would even begin to reach its limits.

To start cleaning, the top cover of the robot must first be opened upwards to reveal the filter basket. The filter basket is then pulled out using the blue handle. Now all the dirt can be sprayed off with the garden hose and rinsed out. Finally, put the cleaned filter basket back into the Beatbot AquaSense, fold back the blue handle and close the housing cover.

Beatbot AquaSense test: Conclusion

The Beatbot AquaSense is an all-round well thought-out product that can really set standards in pool cleaning thanks to its numerous sensors and integrated AI. The design and workmanship of the robot also leaves nothing to be desired. The cleaning performance on all surfaces is impressive at a very high level and the innovative concept also makes subsequent maintenance child’s play. In conjunction with the associated Beatbot app, there are numerous additional supporting functions. These range from push-up notifications and a detailed pool map with cleaning sequence to analysis of the cleaning log.

On the other hand, we see a pull-out hook included in the scope of delivery as a welcome addition in case the Beatbot AquaSense should ever come to a standstill on the pool floor. The integration of a no-go zone in the app to bypass permanently installed pool ladders would also be a welcome extra.

All in all, the Beatbot AquaSense is a real asset for any pool owner who values maximum cleanliness, high comfort and outstanding quality. However, this is of course also reflected in the price, as the recommended retail price of €1,499 makes clear. Anyone who dares to make the purchase will definitely be rewarded with an all-round clean pool.

Beatbot AquaSense

Design & workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Beatbot AquaSense is an innovative and reliable underwater cleaning robot. Thanks to numerous advanced sensors and simple operation, efficient pool cleaning is guaranteed. However, this is also reflected in the high price.

€ 1,499.00
Buy now* Beatbot

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The Beatbot AquaSense is an extravagant pool cleaning robot with the latest technology. The AquaSense has an intelligent path optimization and 2×2 independent roller brushes, which should double the cleaning performance. Together with the brushless main pump motor, it can effectively remove dirt from the floor, walls and waterline. Another interesting feature is the waterline … (Weiterlesen...)

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