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Flexispot E7 Pro test – Aiming high with your desk

As working from home has become much more important over the last four years, people are also thinking much more about their own setup at home. A height-adjustable desk is one of the best investments you can make for your comfort and health. The Flexispot E7 Pro is one such height-adjustable desk that stands out from other desks of its kind thanks to its high-quality workmanship and scope of delivery. In this Flexispot E7 Pro test, I will clarify whether it is worth investing in a Pro version such as the E7 Pro.

Scope of delivery

  • Stand
  • Controller
  • Touch panel
  • Feet
  • Aluminum cable guide
  • Magnetic fabric cover
  • Adhesive cable holder
  • Velcro cable ties

The scope of delivery is part of the unique selling point of the Pro version of the Flexispot E7. In addition to the typical components of the desk stand, the scope of delivery of the Flexispot E7 Pro also includes some other premium components.

Lieferumfang des Gestells des Flexispot E7 Pro
Scope of delivery of the Flexispot E7 Pro frame

The frame of the Flexispot E7 Pro includes two legs with one motor per leg. Two matching feet are also supplied, as well as the corresponding plastic bases. To ensure that the legs can form a robust frame, they are connected to each other via an included rail. This rail also contains the controller, which drives the two motors and can be controlled via the control panel on the front of the desk.

Steuerungs-Panel des Flexispot E7 Pro
Control panel of the Flexispot E7 Pro
For cable routing, the Flexispot E7 contains a separate aluminum bracket that is attached behind the rail and along which the cabling of the setup can be routed. A few small utensils for cable management are also included. These include a rubber cable holder that can be stuck to the tabletop to hold cables in place, as well as a few Velcro cable ties.
Kabelbinderzubehör des Flexispot E7 Pro
Cable tie accessories for the Flexispot E7 Pro

The controller for the Flexispot E7 Pro has no physical buttons, but a touch panel. There are four pre-printed touch buttons on the panel for saving personal height settings, as well as two buttons for manually raising and lowering the table. It is therefore not a smart display, but only a control panel with touch control. However, the touch recognition is very precise and reliable, which makes it pleasant to operate. As a little goodie, there is a USB port on the side of the controller that can be used to charge smartphones or tablets.

€ 429.99
Buy now* Flexispot


  • Well documented
  • Help is recommended
  • Possible to do alone, but strenuous
  • Duration: 1:30 hours (alone)

It is best to be in pairs for the assembly. Although it is possible to assemble alone, it is much quicker and easier with two people. For the test of the Flexispot E7 Pro, I did the assembly alone and it took me one and a half hours. In the end, I was pretty exhausted because the last step of the assembly, the complete turning over of the table, was very strenuous.

Montage des Flexispot E7 Pro
Assembly of the Flexispot E7 Pro
The beginning of the assembly consists of attaching the center rail to the table top. There were pre-drilled holes in my tabletop for attaching the center rail. As the center rail is suitable for different desk sizes, there are two movable metal supports in the middle of the rail that can be fixed with screws. This allows the rail to be adjusted to the size of the tabletop. After the center rail was attached to the tabletop, the legs were attached to the center rail and then the feet were attached to the legs. Finally, the control panel had to be attached to the front of the tabletop. There were also pre-drilled holes in the table top for this, which made assembly easier.
Aufgebauter Flexispot E7 Pro mit Bambus-Tischplatte
Assembled Flexispot E7 Pro with bamboo tabletop
There were no pre-drilled holes in the tabletop for the aluminum mount. Therefore, the screws had to be drilled completely by hand into the wood of the tabletop. My bamboo tabletop was particularly unruly, which made drilling more difficult. It is therefore advisable to use the help of an electric tool.

Table frame

  • Steel frame
  • Separate electric motor for each leg
  • 3 lifting columns per leg
  • Height: 63.5 cm – 128.5 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 160 kg
  • Noise level: < 50 dB
  • Speed: 4 cm/s
  • Warranty: 10 years

The table frame of the Flexispot E7 Pro is made of steel, makes a very stable impression and the surface is evenly painted. Each leg has its own electric motor and is made up of three lifting columns that can cover a height range between 63.5 cm and 128.5 cm. Thanks to the two motors, the frame can move a load of up to 160 kg.

Even at maximum height, the frame hardly wobbles and does not make an unstable impression. I can lean on the table while standing without feeling that the table might tip over.

Beine und Motoren des Flexispot E7 Pro
Legs and motors of the Flexispot E7 Pro
Thanks to the high-quality motors, raising and lowering the table is very quiet and only takes a few seconds. Flexispot specifies a maximum noise level of 50 dB and an up and down speed of 4 cm/s.

As Flexispot seems to be confident in the quality of the frame, the manufacturer gives a full 10-year guarantee on the frame.

Table top

  • Various table tops to choose from (chipboard, bamboo, solid wood…)
  • Size range width: 120 cm – 200 cm
  • Size range depth: 60 cm – 80 cm
  • 2H lacquer coating
  • Screws partly too long for bamboo table top

Flexispot offers a wide range of different table tops in various sizes. For the Flexispot E7 Pro test, I opted for the solid bamboo table top because I find the combination of the white table frame and the bamboo table top very elegant. My tabletop is 160 cm wide and 80 cm deep, which gives me enough space for my two monitors, my keyboard and my mouse. The tabletop is 1.9 cm high and has been coated with 2H lacquer to protect it from water and dirt. The lacquer also protects the tabletop from insects. If something does drip onto the tabletop, it can be wiped off quite easily with a damp cloth.

Massive Bambus-Tischplatte
Solid bamboo tabletop
Unfortunately, there is a small problem with the combination of the E7 Pro table frame and the bamboo table top. The screws for attaching the aluminum cable guide are slightly longer than the height of the tabletop. That’s why I could only screw the bracket on lightly and had to tighten it to the frame with cable ties.

The Flexispot E7 Pro is also compatible with self-made table tops or table tops from the DIY store. The tabletop only needs to be 120 cm – 200 cm wide and 60 cm – 80 cm deep. The tabletop should also be thick enough so that the screws for fastening the frame do not penetrate the tabletop.

Conclusion on the Flexispot E7 Pro test

With a price of € 529.99 for the frame, the Flexispot E7 Pro is in the upper price segment of the market for height-adjustable desks. In return, however, you get first-class workmanship, a long guarantee and extensive accessories, such as the cover for the cable routing and other accessories for cable management. Although the assembly is somewhat time-consuming, it is well documented and the result is a very stable and quiet height-adjustable desk. I am therefore confident that the Flexispot E7 Pro will also be a good investment in the long term.

Mein neues Setup mit dem Flexispot E7 Pro und dem Flexispot BS12 Pro
My new setup with the Flexispot E7 Pro and the Flexispot BS12 Pro
Only the inconsistency of the screw length for the aluminum bracket is a small downer. However, I hope that Flexispot will fix the problem for newer makes.

Flexispot E7 Pro

Scope of delivery
Table frame
Table top


A robust desk with a wide range of accessories.

€ 429.99
Buy now* Flexispot

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