FlexiSpot Brand Day: Deep discounts on height-adjustable desk frames and office chairs

Manufacturer FlexiSpot is considered one of the leading suppliers of height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs. From May 22, 2023 to May 26, 2023, the manufacturer is once again hosting the FlexiSpot Brand Day, where you can save big on various height-adjustable desk frames and office chairs. We have summarized all the info and deals in the overview.

FlexiSpot Brand Day: save from May 22 to May 26

A healthier work and more comfort and fun at the desk, that is the mission of the manufacturer FlexiSpot, based in Cologne. That the company’s products have a lot going for them, we could already see for ourselves several times in the test.

Whether in the case of the height-adjustable FlexiSpot E7 desk or sitting comfortably in the FlexiSpot BackSupport BS11 Pro. This year, the manufacturer is once again celebrating its Brand Day and providing some top-notch discounts in the process. We have summarized all info about the FlexiSpot Brand Day.

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Height-adjustable desk frames from FlexiSpot on sale

Spending your workday at a desk isn’t necessarily doing your back any favors. Getting up from time to time and continuing to work while standing relieves your own body immensely. Electrically height-adjustable desks and table frames are an excellent choice, as you can raise the position of the desk at the touch of a button and continue your work while standing.

FlexiSpot has several models on sale that you can save big on during FlexiSpot Brand Day. The table frames also have the advantage that you can choose the matching table top yourself and buy it – for example, at the hardware store or directly from the manufacturer. This gives you many more customization options in terms of color, material or size.

Flexispot E7 with 150 euros discount

There is, for example, the electrically adjustable table frame E7, which was able to win the Platinum Award in our test and completely convince our testers. The table frame can be adjusted in height from 58 cm to 123 cm and accommodates tabletops with a length of up to 200 cm and a width of 80 cm.

The height adjustment is pleasantly quiet with a noise level of less than 50 dB and is extremely swift with a speed of 38 mm/s. The E7 offers a payload of a whopping 125 kilograms, while the integrated dual motor is particularly efficient with a standby power of less than 0.5 watts.

Thus, we came to the conclusion in the test: “It represents an excellent solution for ergonomically sensible work in the home office, contributes to the relief of one’s own musculoskeletal system and is also extremely comfortable to operate.”

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  • The electrically adjustable table frame E7 you can secure at the FlexiSpot Brand Day with the code “BDE7” for only 319.99 euros and save a whopping 150 euros compared to the recommended retail price.

Save Flexispot E8 for only 349.99 euros

Quite similar works the E8 from the house FlexiSpot. It offers maximum stability and carrying capacity with an extended height adjustment over a wide range of 60 to 125 cm and has a full four memory locations for different heights, so you can save the settings for multiple people directly on the table frame.

Other benefits of the E8 include, for example, an anti-collision system that stops the height adjustment immediately when resistance is detected. A child lock additionally ensures that the touchpad for operation is accidentally activated. Cables can be skillfully hidden in the integrated cable management system.

FlexiSpot BackSupport office chairs BS13 and BS8 Pro at a special offer price

Not only standing up during work relieves the back. Having an ergonomic and comfortable office chair is also crucial if you spend several hours at your desk every day.

Fortunately, FlexiSpot is also broadly positioned here and has various ergonomic office chairs. For example, there’s the award-winning BackSupport BS13 office chair, which comes in three different colors.

It offers just about everything to make sitting even more comfortable. The V-shaped back frame provides secure support and a high level of comfort, while the bionically curved chair back is based on the curves of the spine to improve sitting comfort.

A breathable 3D fabric ensures that heat doesn’t build up even during extended periods of sitting. Movable armrests and an adjustable lumbar support skilfully round off the overall package.

FlexiSpot BackSupport Office Chair BS13
Image: FlexiSpot

The less expensive BackSupport BS8 Pro office chair is equally convincing. It also relies on an ergonomic design including adjustable armrests and allows the backrest to be adjusted to three angles. The 30-degree tilted backrest also ensures relaxation when you lean back comfortably in it.

Members only: Electrically adjustable table frame E7Q with 4 legs on sale

FlexiSpot members can also enjoy a special treat and save a whole 100 euros on the retail price of the high-quality electrically adjustable table frame E7Q with 4-legs.

The E7Q is the manufacturer’s top model and scores with practical additional functions. It is adjustable in height between 605 mm to 1255 mm and works even faster with 40 mm/s. The table frame can withstand up to 200 kilograms, while in this case four legs ensure particularly stable support.

FlexiSüot E7Q
Image: FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot membership is free. Then secure the E7Q power-adjustable table frame with 4 legs during Brand Day for just $799.99 – no code required.

More benefits for members

But not only the discount (or newsletter coupon) makes the membership interesting. Members at FlexiSpot not only have great benefits on Brand Day, but also benefit from special promotions or great discounts throughout the year.

Special feature during FlexiSpot Brand Day: From May 22 to 26, members receive double points on their orders. For every Euro you spend, you will receive 2 points!

With 10 points, you can spin the wheel of fortune to win top-notch prizes. Among them an Apple iPad Pro or the height-adjustable desk EHD2 for only one euro. In addition, various vouchers that deliver 8 percent, 10 percent or 15 percent discount beckon.

Also exciting: Exclusively for members, there will be various products for only 1 euro for purchase, such as the BH05 height-adjustable bar stool, the chic aluminum laptop stand SC4 and the fantastic, magnetic floating moon lamp LL02. Here, however, it is particularly important to be quick: Because there are only 50 vouchers per day for the respective 1-euro product.

Further promotions for everyone

In the following actions around the Brand Day of FlexiSpot, everyone can participate, have fun, play games and, above all, win great products. For example, on 5/22, 5/25 and 5/26, there will be 10 completely free orders to be raffled off each day.

In the “Catch the ball” game, there are also great prizes for the first five places. Anyone who signs up for the newsletter will also receive an 8% voucher and be entered into a draw to win an Apple iPhone 14 Pro (our test).

On Instagram, an additional sweepstakes awaits, where you can win the exclusive, height-adjustable table with four legs E7Q and the Backsupport office chair BS11 PRO. Stop by the FlexiSpot Brand Day, so it’s worth it.

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Manufacturer FlexiSpot is considered one of the leading suppliers of height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs. From May 22, 2023 to May 26, 2023, the manufacturer is once again hosting the FlexiSpot Brand Day, where you can save big on various height-adjustable desk frames and office chairs. We have summarized all the info and deals … (Weiterlesen...)

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