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Flexispot BS12 Pro test – From desk to desk chair

Flexispot is one of the best-known manufacturers of height-adjustable desks in Germany. The company has also been offering ergonomic desk chairs for some time now. The latest models include the BS12 Pro with Donati mechanism and Wintex mesh, which is said to offer the highest level of ergonomics. In this Flexispot BS12 Pro test, I examined whether the experience with height-adjustable desks can also be transferred to ergonomic office chairs.

Scope of delivery

  • 80 x 70 x 45 cm cardboard box
  • Slight transportation problems
    • Break-through components
  • Largely pre-assembled
  • Seat base, backrest, gas spring, armrests, headrest, base, castors, instructions, tools, screws

The Flexispot BS12 Pro is supplied in a cardboard box measuring just under 80 x 70 x 45 cm. However, the chair is largely pre-assembled. Unfortunately, the boxes of the Flexispot BS12 Pro always showed some damage, such as the chair components breaking through.

Durchstoßende Teile des BS12 Pro
Puncturing parts of the BS12 Pro

The Flexispot BS12 Pro comes with the seat base, the backrest, a gas spring, the armrests, a headrest, as well as the base and the associated castors. It also comes with detailed instructions and the necessary tools plus screws and washers.

Lieferumfang des Flexispot BS12 Pro
Scope of delivery of the Flexispot BS12 Pro


  • Classic design
  • Minimalist
  • Fits into any office / home
  • Black plastic frame
  • Cover available in gray and black

In terms of design, Flexispot has not dared to experiment with the BS12 Pro and has based it on other classic office chairs, which is why the chair has a rather simple design. The Flexispot BS12 Pro is available in black and gray. My model of the Flexispot BS12 Pro was supplied for the test in the color grey. Regardless of the color chosen, the frame of the chair consists mainly of black plastic, as well as some black metal parts, such as the gas spring. The Wintex mesh cover is the element of the chair that differs between the two color variants.

Der Flexispot BS12 Pro in Grau und Schwarz
The Flexispot BS12 Pro in gray and black

The Wintex mesh appears to be a thin fabric made of polyester, which is stretched over a resilient plastic-like grid. This makes it very breathable and ensures good air circulation – especially in summer. The springy quality of the plastic grid ensures a soft sitting sensation, similar to an upholstered chair.



  • First model had optical processing problems
  • Very accommodating support

The first model of the BS12 Pro that I received had some visual defects. Among other things, the fabric cover had holes in some places on the backrest and the seams of the seat were not neatly finished. There were also some indentations in the plastic on the frame of the backrest.

However, Flexispot’s support was very accommodating and sent me another model of the BS12 Pro for the test, which did not have these defects, which is why I am not including these problems in the final rating. In general, support is a plus point for Flexispot products. A few of my friends and acquaintances already have various Flexispot products and have only had positive experiences with the support. For example, when a table top was damaged during transportation.


  • High breathability
  • Comfortable and cushioned fit
  • Fibrous feel
  • Slight discoloration after 3 months
  • Easy to clean

The workmanship of the second model of the Flexispot BS12 Pro was okay overall, but I wasn’t completely convinced. The Wintex mesh cover generally doesn’t feel very high-quality to me. If you run your hands over the fabric, you can sometimes only feel the plastic mesh underneath. The fabric seems rather fibrous and somehow “frayed” to me – comparable to a piece of clothing that tends to pull threads. In this respect, the cover also gives me the impression that it could easily be damaged by angular or pointed objects, which could result in holes and fringes like on my first model. In addition, after about three months of daily use, there was already some slight discoloration of the fabric, presumably due to friction with my clothes.

However, you don’t actually notice any of this when you are sitting on the chair. Then the cover feels pleasantly soft and springy. It is therefore possibly also a trade-off between breathability and haptics, with the Flexispot designers opting for breathability. Another advantage of the Wintex mesh cover is that it is relatively easy to clean.


  • Well-functioning Donati mechanism in the seat base
  • Unthought-out headrest mechanism
    • Cannot be locked

With the exception of the headrest, the mechanism of the BS12 Pro makes a very solid impression. The Donati mechanism is smooth-running and the seat depth adjustment works perfectly. However, I don’t understand the concept of the headrest mechanism.

To adjust the height of the headrest and lock it again, there is a small screw on the headrest frame that can be loosened or tightened. If it is loosened, the height of the headrest should be adjustable. If, on the other hand, it is tightened, then it should actually be locked in height. However, actually locking it was an impossibility. No matter how tight I tightened the screw, the headrest always slid down again as soon as I leaned my head against it. I was able to find the probable cause of the problem in the mechanics of the headrest. On the rear inside of the rail on which the headrest moves, there are several small rounded notches that determine the possible heights of the headrest. The locking screw is connected to a spring and a plastic pin that presses against the rear inside of the rail. The tighter the screw is tightened, the more pressure the pin exerts. The idea behind this mechanism is that when the screw is tight and the pin is in a notch, the force required to compress the spring of the pin further is so great that it cannot leave the notch even when the headrest is loaded. If the screw is loosened, the spring of the pin can be compressed again without much effort by the rounded edges of the notch and the pin can leave the notch. So much for the theory.

Unfortunately, this concept does not seem to have been implemented optimally in practice. On the one hand, the notches are too shallow, which is why the edges do not offer any significant resistance, and on the other hand, the plastic pin does not exert enough pressure to lock the headrest in place, even when the screw is tightened.


  • Quick and simple assembly
    • Approx. 40 minutes for one person
  • Fitting the headrest a little fiddly

As the Flexispot BS12 Pro is largely pre-assembled, assembly for the test was fairly simple and took less than an hour. In total, it took me about 40 minutes to assemble the BS12 Pro.

First, I hooked the backrest into the seat base and fastened it with large screws. At the same time, I attached the five castors to the base and inserted the gas spring into the base. The chair could then be placed on the base and the armrests screwed on. Finally, I attached the headrest. This was actually the most complicated part of the assembly, as attaching the headrest was a bit fiddly.

Die Befestigung der Kopfstütze
Fastening the headrest

The headrest is attached to a small plastic rail at the upper end of the backrest with two hexagon head bolts. To do this, the two screws and washers first had to be screwed lightly into the plastic rail. The headrest was then pushed onto the rail under the screws and the screws tightened. As the rail is very close to the backrest, Flexispot supplies a small, bent hexagonal wrench to tighten the screws. Despite the extra tool, attaching the headrest was very fiddly.


  • Great ergonomics
  • Wide range of adjustment options
  • Suitable for different body shapes
  • Donati mechanism
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3D armrests

Ergonomically, the Flexispot BS12 Pro was thoroughly convincing in the test. Thanks to the generous seat width of 51 cm and an official load capacity of 135 kg, the chair is also suitable for taller and heavier people and can reach a total height of up to 112 cm. The backrest is shaped to suit the spine and can be tilted at an angle of 105° to 135°. There is also a lumbar support on the backrest that can be adjusted in height to relieve pressure on the lower back.

The seat of the BS12 Pro has the advertised Donati mechanism which, in addition to the classic height adjustment and backrest tilt, also offers seat depth adjustment between 45 cm and 49 cm. The mechanism can be controlled using three small levers on the right-hand side of the seat and a rotary knob under the seat.

Einstellungsmöglichkeiten am Sitz des Flexispot BS12 Pro
Adjustment options on the seat of the Flexispot BS12 Pro

The armrests used are 3D armrests that can be adjusted in height, width and depth. This means that the armrests can be perfectly adapted to your own needs.

The headrest, on the other hand, is disappointing. Theoretically, it can be adjusted between 12 cm and 16 cm, but I couldn’t really use it due to the poor locking mechanism. Regardless of how tightly I adjusted the headrest, it always slid down as soon as I leaned my head against it.

Overall, however, the ergonomics of the Flexispot BS12 Pro are a big plus point. Thanks to the many adjustment options, I was able to adapt the chair perfectly to my needs and spend the whole day comfortably on it without getting tired. The breathable cover also means that it doesn’t get too warm under your bottom, which is a great advantage, especially in summer.

Conclusion of the Flexispot BS12 Pro test

The Flexispot BS12 Pro is a very ergonomic office chair that impresses with its many adjustment options, first-class seat mechanism and breathability. With a price of €469.99 at the time of writing this review, the Flexispot BS12 Pro is in the mid-price segment. It is comparable in price to the Backforce V Plus and around €100 cheaper than a Backforce One.

In general, the Flexispot BS12 Pro offers more features and ergonomics than can be expected on average in this price range. However, I also have a few points of criticism that should not occur in this price range. For me, these include the Wintex mesh cover, which I personally would have preferred to swap for high-quality upholstery, as well as the unfortunately completely ill-conceived mechanism of the headrest, which is why it is hardly usable.

Nevertheless, the Flexispot BS12 Pro may be the right choice for some people looking for an ergonomic office chair. Especially for people who sweat quickly in summer, the breathable cover can be a great advantage and make the disadvantages negligible. If the focus is also on ergonomics and customization options, then the Flexispot BS12 Pro is definitely worth considering. Silver Award für Flexispot BS12 Pro

Flexispot BS12 Pro

Scope of delivery


A customizable and ergonomic desk chair that unfortunately cannot keep up with the high quality of our own desks.

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Flexispot is one of the best-known manufacturers of height-adjustable desks in Germany. The company has also been offering ergonomic desk chairs for some time now. The latest models include the BS12 Pro with Donati mechanism and Wintex mesh, which is said to offer the highest level of ergonomics. In this Flexispot BS12 Pro test, I … (Weiterlesen...)

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