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Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: office chair meets ergometer

Sitting is the new smoking? From the point of view of many physiotherapists and orthopedists, this is definitely the case. The fact that more and more people are working at a desk in a sitting position is also reflected in the increase in the widespread disease “back problems”. For the sake of their backs, necks and general well-being, more and more people are turning to standing desks. What for a long time was only found in open-plan offices is now also being used more and more frequently in the private sphere. This is due not least to the increasing number of people who work in a home office. Flexispot, a well-known manufacturer of such desks, is now going one step further. With the Flexisport FC211 Sit2go, the company has developed a practical gadget that combines working at a desk with a cardio workout. For this, Flexispot has simply combined an office chair with an ergometer. Does the plan work? We checked it out in our practical test.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: scope of delivery and assembly

Let’s first take a look at the large-format packaging. Ex works, the combination of ergometer and office chair is already assembled for the most part. However, you still have to do a little fine-tuning. You’ll find the seat, backrest, pedals and the corresponding tools in the package, along with operating and assembly instructions. As quickly as the components of the scope of delivery were unpacked, so quickly was the assembly. There is not much to assemble here. You simply follow the enclosed assembly instructions. This explains foolproof how you have to assemble the Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go.

Flexispot Sit2Go

The first thing to do is to screw the backrest and seat to the base. Once this is done, all you have to do is turn the pedals into the threads. Already the mix of bicycle and office chair is ready. The included screws and the matching tool score with a good workmanship and fit smoothly into the corresponding threads. All in all, I was done with the assembly after a few minutes. Since I have already had to assemble several office and gaming chairs, I can allow myself the verdict that the Flexispot can be assembled comparatively quickly and easily – even without the support of a second person.

Only the insertion of the batteries is poorly explained in the instructions and not easily recognizable on the device. The battery compartment is located below the display, which has to be removed from its holder.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: standing desk is a prerequisite

  • Use only with desk of appropriate height
  • Classy design
  • Height adjustment possible

Classic comments you’ll get about the FC211 Sit2Go fall into the category of “What have you got there?!”. And quite rightly so. After all, the sight of the desk ergometer is unfamiliar at first, as a piece of fitness equipment really has no place in the workplace. Admittedly, it is also quite difficult to get used to the rather bulky appearance. Especially if you have your desk in a more homely environment like your living room or bedroom, you should keep this in mind. On the other hand, if you have your own study, the Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go can be perfectly placed there.

Flexispot Sit2Go
The centerpiece is the base

However, before you jump the gun, keep in mind that the FC211 Sit2Go is by no means suitable for every desk. Flexispot has developed the table ergometer especially for standing desks. If you want to use your height-adjustable desk in a low position from time to time, this is of course no problem. After all, the height of the training device can also be adjusted. In this case, however, you can’t pedal, which makes the FC211 Sit2Go a conventional office chair. However, you’d better invest in a proper office chair as well if you want to take a break from pedaling sometimes.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: High build quality

  • All components score high on build quality
  • Maximum load capacity of 99 kg
  • Casters are too hard

The design may be a matter of taste, but the workmanship of the mix of office chair and ergometer is beyond reproach. Even when looking closely, you can not see any sharp welds or the like. The materials Flexispot uses here also make a very good impression. Everything looks and feels of high quality. Once you take a seat, the FC211 Sit2Go scores with stability. Flexispot specifies 99 kg as the maximum load.

Flexispot Sit2Go
The Sit2Go itself as well as the enclosed material, accessories and tools show a high quality of workmanship

It’s actually a shame that the ergometer can’t carry more. Speaking of weight. The chair itself weighs a whopping 25 kg. So it turns out to be exceedingly difficult to carry it from A to B due to the sheer weight and also the chunky design. But of course Flexispot has thought of this. After all, the chair can be easily rolled across the floor thanks to the casters on the bottom. That makes perfect sense. After all, I can well imagine that one or two people will only want to use the FC211 Sit2Go for an hour or two during the day, spending the rest of the time standing at their desk.

Flexispot Sit2Go
If you have a sensitive floor, you should use a carpet pad. This is because the casters are a bit hard.

Then you can push the chair aside quite comfortably. However, you should be a little careful with sensitive floors such as real wood parquet. After all, the casters aren’t the softest and could cause damage if you roll carelessly. It’s a pity that Flexispot doesn’t use a slightly softer material here. In a suitable mat as a base, you should therefore quiet still invest.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: seating comfort

  • Sitting comfort can’t keep up with office chair
  • Practical mesh on the backrest provides ventilation
  • Ergonomic adjustment only possible to a limited extent

From the name of the FC211 Sit2Go, you can already tell that it is also a chair, at least to a certain percentage. Of course, this makes the question of the ergonomics of the backrest and seat cushion all the more important. The seat doesn’t have much in common with a classic office chair, but is more reminiscent of the wide saddle of an ergometer. This has the decisive advantage that you have no choice but to sit in the center. Additional stability is provided by the fact that the seat is slightly curved upwards at the sides. All in all, I found the saddle design to be extremely comfortable. A classic bicycle saddle can not keep up here in terms of seating comfort, of course.

Flexispot Sit2Go

Conversely, I found the majority of the desk chairs I tested to be more comfortable. And unfortunately, that applies not only to the seat cushion, but also the backrest. While many desk chairs and especially gaming chairs come with ergonomic features like a lumbar support nowadays, you won’t find anything like that here. Instead, the backrest of the FC211 Sit2Go can best be described as rudimentary. For example, you can’t even adjust the tilt angle. When it comes to seating comfort, Flexispot can take its successor up a notch.

Flexispot Sit2Go

But here’s where you just have to keep in mind that the FC211 Sit2Go is not a full replacement for a desk chair that you spend eight or more hours a day on. Instead, the seat is aimed more at people with standing desks who want a little change from standing. And the seat cushion and backrest are perfectly adequate for that. Once again, I have to praise the material of the backrest. Flexispot relies here on a kind of mesh, which provides ventilation for the back. Especially when you don’t want to sweat too much while cycling at your desk, this is optimal.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: The kick in the pedals

  • Display informs about statistics
  • Resistance can be regulated on the analog rotary wheel

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the FC211 Sit2Go’s Unique Selling Point – Cycling. I focused primarily on the compatibility with simultaneous work on the computer. As it turns out, the mixture of chair and fitness equipment is a real enrichment for the working day. Over time, a real routine set in with me. I first booted up the computer and then my desk. Then I rolled the FC211 Sit2Go under my desk and sat on it. Pedaling while working didn’t restrict my workflow at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. By keeping my circulation going, I also imagined that my brain was better supplied with blood.

Flexispot Sit2Go
It’s a breeze to use.

As a result, I was more focused and reached my daily goals faster. Over time, I increased the intensity at times. This works completely uncomplicated and self-explanatory via a rotary control. The successes I celebrated were not only of a professional nature. I was also able to enjoy the sporting results. The LCD screen on the FC211 Sit2Go allows you to view various data about your workout. Of course, the significance here is limited and you can’t compare the statistics with those of a professional sports device. With data such as speed, calories burned and distance traveled, however, many will certainly be satisfied.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go: Not Suitable for Everyone

As mentioned above, Flexispot specifies a maximum weight of 99 kg for its bike chair. You should definitely stick to this if you want to avoid injuries. However, there also seem to be restrictions on the size that you should keep in mind. Since the seat height can be adjusted between 56.9 and 80 cm, the mix of ergometer and desk chair is probably rather unsuitable for people over 1.90 m tall.

As a children’s chair, the FC211 Sit2Go is again only suitable from a certain age. After all, a height of at least 1.65 m should be given so that one can also reach the pedals. But before you miss out on the benefits, you should probably sit here first test. Maybe it fits after all. Flexispot offers an attractive trial period of 30 days. Should the chair not convince during this time, one can send it back without reason within the scope of the return guarantee.


I personally have been using a height adjustable desk for two years now. In doing so, I have noticed after a few months that the motivation of standing likes to wear off once in a while. So I already had weeks that I spent completely sitting at the desk. This was not only accompanied by a bad conscience, but also back pain. The Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go is the perfect solution for all those who suffer from the same problem. After all, if necessary, you can take a seat on the mixture of desk chair and ergometer after a break from sitting without adjusting the height of the table at all. At the same time, the sporty chair by no means proves to be an obstacle when doing desk work. Whether typing on the PC or writing in the notebook.

Flexispot Sit2Go

Everything worked fine with parallel pedaling. Not only that. I was even able to work more efficiently than if I spent the entire workday standing. However, the chair-bike combination does have a few minor shortcomings. For example, I would like to see different casters in the next version. They can quickly leave ugly marks on sensitive floors. You shouldn’t expect too much from the seating comfort, either. Here you must always keep in mind that the bicycle chair was designed only for cycling in between and no pedaling for hours. On top of that, I think Flexispot should also offer an alternative for other weight and size classes. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy using the FC211 Sit2Go. For more info, check out the official website.

Flexispot FC211 Sit2go Test: Gold Award

Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go



The Flexispot FC211 Sit2Go is a must for every owner of a height-adjustable desk. Provided the appropriate physical suitability...

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