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IMOU Bullet 2 4MP in test: practical surveillance camera for everyone

Surveillance cameras for private use are now a dime a dozen. Be it for outdoor or indoor use. Whether completely wireless with solar panel or wired, everything is available. In our case it is the IMOU Bullet 2 with 4 megapixel resolution. Wired in terms of power supply, but data transmission can be done via WLAN. But what is important in this case is whether the camera takes good pictures, how it works and whether it integrates well with various systems.

Design and workmanship

IMOU tries to pack as much technology as possible into a compact case. Except for the front, the camera is completely white and fits perfectly into almost any environment due to the simple and compact case. Only the front, where the lens, headlights and so on are located, is completely black.

The workmanship can also convince us, even if the WLAN antennas sit a bit wobbly in their joint on the side. The camera’s mount holds in the set position after screwing it tight. The Bullet 2 is certified with IP67 and is thus waterproof, perfect for outdoor use.

Mounting and scope

IMOU puts us the necessary mounting material directly with the camera. With the enclosed template can be easily marked on the drill holes to prepare for mounting. Unfortunately, the joint of the holder and the cable gland are unfavorably placed. If the camera is to be aligned downwards, the cable must be led out upwards.

After mounting, of course, you still need to ensure the power supply. A sealing kit is included for the LAN cable, but not for the power cable. Presumably, the power cable can thus simply be used outdoors, but we did without that in our test. After connecting and setting up, which we’ll get to later, the camera is ready to go and record. So, regardless of weatherproofing, we are dependent on a power supply and can’t choose the place freely.


Even with IMOU, we can’t avoid having an account. After we have quickly created this, we are ready to go. Important: An active WLAN connection is always required! To add the camera you have to take a look at the Bullet 2 4MP. On it you will find the safety code, as well as the serial number, which we have to enter in the setup process.

After the input, a connection to your WLAN should be established. The network name is simply taken from the existing connection, the password is to be entered. The Bullet 2 only uses the 2.4 GHz network, 5 GHz would be desirable. However, there should be enough bandwidth available in this network. We then assign a name for the camera. If several cameras from the same manufacturer are used, this is certainly useful. Finally, we can also specify the time zone and the date format.

IMOU offers three different options for storing video recordings with the Bullet 2. On the one hand, an SD card with up to 256 GB can be used. Another option is the manufacturer’s cloud storage, of course for a monthly price. You do get a trial period at the beginning, but I would still prefer an SD card. The last option is a recording device (NVR), such as a Synology NAS. There the camera can be mounted and used via ONVIF.

Once we have gone through the whole process, an update is directly suggested to us. Updates in the field of security technology are important and should always be performed. After about six minutes, the procedure was over and we are ready to go.


IMOU offers quite a few features for the Bullet 2 4MP, and everything can be controlled through the app. Since there is no web interface or other control options whatsoever, it has to be done through it. Besides the live view, you can still save a shot locally on the smartphone or take a picture of the current view. The Bullet 2 also has real spotlights in addition to the IR spotlight for night vision. These can activate as well as the siren via the siren.

In addition to these functions, you can also configure the camera itself. For example, if you want to receive notifications when a movement is detected, you can set this. You can also turn off the detection itself, or just adjust the sensitivity.

It is also possible to adjust the night vision. There is the option to turn on the spotlight when motion is detected. Alternatively, only the infrared illuminator can be used. However, this is not a discrete spotlight, so a red light on the camera is always visible.

If another person should get access to the camera, the camera can also be shared. This requires an existing IMOU account.

Recording quality

Before we turn to the recording quality, it must always be kept in mind that this is a 70-euro camera. In the meantime, the devices play in a different league and the pure quality can also keep up with expensive products. However, the level of detail is important in order to recognize something if necessary.

With the IMOU Bullet 2 4MP, we can definitely say that the quality of the recording and also the built-in microphone is convincing. When the camera is set to 4 megapixels, details can be seen in both full view and zoom. As an example, you can see the license plate of my car, even in maximum zoom the image is still sharp enough. In the environment of up to 5 meters, conversations can be understood normally.


IMOU offers with the Bullet 2 4MP an inexpensive camera model with many features. Especially the night mode is relevant and the quality of the recordings. Here we can say that the camera can really convince. The recording quality in relation to the purchase price is convincing, even in night mode you can still see details.

Nevertheless, there are a few negative points. On the one hand, an account with the manufacturer is required, as is always the case. On the other hand, the prices for the cloud storage are quite steep. Depending on the storage time, an annual subscription costs 70 Euros if the recordings are to be stored for 30 days. Here, the investment in a NAS, for example, can be very profitable. The wall mount is also not really well thought out. If the mounting plate could be moved independently of the arm, the installation would be much easier.

Although the app sometimes has a sparse explanation or small translation errors, it is really comprehensive and offers many setting options. The changes are also applied directly and without much delay. It does not matter whether we are on the WLAN or the mobile network.

In conclusion, the IMOU Bullet 2 4MP is a very good, but inexpensive surveillance camera. For private use, you simply do not need more. Through the ONVIF standard, you can also integrate the camera into any camera system.

IMOU Bullet 2 4MP

Assembly and setup
App and features
Recording quality
Value for money


Very good surveillance camera for entry level home use.

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Surveillance cameras for private use are now a dime a dozen. Be it for outdoor or indoor use. Whether completely wireless with solar panel or wired, everything is available. In our case it is the IMOU Bullet 2 with 4 megapixel resolution. Wired in terms of power supply, but data transmission can be done via … (Weiterlesen...)

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