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Lenco SBW-801BK review: average, inexpensive soundbar

We have already tested one or the other audio device like speakers or soundbars, and basically every price segment was included. Today we are testing the Lenco SBW-801BK soundbar for you. With an MSRP of 139.99 euros, we can already expect something in terms of quality, but let’s take a close look at the product.

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D) 81 cm x 6.3 cm x 9.5 cm
Weight 3.87 kg
Connectors RCA stereo, HDMI In, USB, Optical digital input, Bluetooth
Speakers 2x tweeters and midrange; 1x subwoofer
Frequency response not specified
Total output power 70 watts
Maximum sound pressure not specified
Price € 152.90 *
€ 152.90
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€ 124.99
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Design and finish

The large cardboard box already suggests great things with its dimensions. On the other hand, it is not particularly heavy, although there is already quite a bit in the box. Inside, everything is well secured with foam. The soundbar stretches almost across the entire width and greets us first. Directly below it in the middle is the subwoofer. To the left and right are two more boxes. One is empty, the other contains the cables and the remote control.

Inside the soundbar, two pill-shaped speakers hide behind the aforementioned grille cover. On the outer right side is the control element with four buttons. On the bottom, we find a total of three rubber feet.

The back, on the other hand, is interesting for us again, because we find the existing ports there. We also find the mounting points for the included wall mount here. The connections include HDMI-in with ARC support and an optical audio input. A USB stick can also be connected for direct media playback.

Even the first look at the soundbar doesn’t suggest anything too good. The cover grille for the tweeters of the Lenco SBW-801BK is only made of thin sheet metal and already shows some dents right after unpacking. In contrast, the rest of the glossy case is well made. Plastic is almost exclusively used for the soundbar itself. The subwoofer, on the other hand, relies on MDF, even though the material is thin, and the subwoofer doesn’t really have any weight either. Lenco keeps the soundbar completely black.

Commissioning and operation

If we connect the Lenco SBW-801BK for the first time, it is: cable in and ready. We do not need to connect more than a power cable for the soundbar and the subwoofer, as well as a connection cable to the TV. The connection between the two components of the audio system works completely wirelessly. The connection is established right away after switching on.

After powering on, we can also get started right away. There is no need to set up the SBW-801BK. The operation via the remote control is simply designed. Too many buttons are not available at eh. Just because it is so empty, an additional button could have been added. To switch the source, the mute button has to be held down. The connection via Bluetooth is also established directly.

However, we noticed something strange. At first, we also thought the soundbar was defective, because there was quite a loud background noise and interference from the speakers. Even after turning it off and a few minutes without power, this phenomenon occurs. After sitting in front of it for a bit, we recognized the problem. If you turn on the soundbar or change the volume, the display turns on. And as long as this is on, we have this noise. We even validated this extra with a second device.

Sound of the Lenco SBW-801BK Soundbar

A soundbar can look as good as it is, if its sound isn’t right, it can end up right in the garbage can. The soundbar relies on two 20-watt speakers, while the subwoofer offers 30 watts. That means a total of 70 watts RMS output power. That’s already significantly less than the Teufel Cinebar 11, which really convinced us with 125 watts (and also a significantly higher price). Let’s play a bit about the speakers for now, though.

Without the subwoofer turned on, we would actually like to turn the soundbar off right away. The installed speakers sound almost worse than an empty tin can. Yes, we only have a 2.1 sound system in front of us, but we would have liked a bit of audible detail. We can help a bit via the equalizer, but we can’t really get much out of it.

With the added subwoofer, the general sound is a bit better with the changed equalizer, but of course still nothing outstanding. In view of the price probably to some extent to get over.

Conclusion on the Lenco SBW-801BK soundbar

Despite the low price, we can’t turn a blind eye to all points. Although the processing of the Lenco SBW-801BK is not bad, but we find immediately after unpacking already dents in the sheet metal of the mesh. And that despite good and secure packaging.

The soundbar can’t convince us in terms of sound either. We can help a bit with the available equalizer, but we still get mobile speakers that deliver an all-around better sound for 139 Euros RRP.

As you can see, positive points are not too easy to find. If we take the price together with the sound into consideration, it is an average product. On the other hand, we still have the noise and the apparently improper handling during packaging.

Lenco SBW-801BK

Design & workmanship
Sound quality
Value for money


Lenco cannot convince us with the SBW-801BK. This is not a good product - also considering the price.

Lenco SBW-801BK price comparison

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We have already tested one or the other audio device like speakers or soundbars, and basically every price segment was included. Today we are testing the Lenco SBW-801BK soundbar for you. With an MSRP of 139.99 euros, we can already expect something in terms of quality, but let’s take a close look at the product. … (Weiterlesen...)

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