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Musegear Finder 2: Key Tracker under Test

Probably every reader of this article has had to look for an important key at least once in his life. Perhaps this search was crowned with success, as the important instrument was merely relocated. But perhaps it remained unsuccessful and the key still lies around somewhere in the public space where it was lost – which is certainly annoying, since it usually entails the preventive replacement of the associated lock.

Of course the Musegear Finder 2* can not only be used for keys. It can also be simply left in the car, attached to the dog’s collar or used in many other scenarios. There are hardly any limits to your own creativity here.

With the second version of Musegear’s Finder this annoying key search should finally be a thing of the past. In conjunction with a smartphone app, the key attached to the finder can be easily located – GPS tracking and alarm functions will then show the way to the lost key.
Our test report is intended to clarify whether the device actually functions as we expect it to.

Design and Workmanship

The design of the Finder is functional in the best sense of the word. It has optionally a white, orange, dark blue or light blue plastic housing. On the upper side there is a small pushbutton, which stands out from the rest of the surface due to its lighting. There is also an opening that is used to attach the finder to the key ring.

Musegear Finder 2
Musegear Finder 2

With dimensions of 35 x 35 x 6 millimetres and a total weight of 7.5 grams, the device is absolutely inconspicuous. It fits wonderfully to the other utensils attached to the bunch of keys and should hardly disturb in everyday life.

In addition to the design, we are also impressed by the workmanship. Despite the very compact case, it looks quite robust and torsion-resistant. Even under pressure, creaking is hardly audible.

The button of the finder is not recessed in the case, which makes it easy to release, but could also lead to an accidental release when carrying it in your trouser pocket.

Next to the main unit there is a small plastic tool and a nylon loop. This makes it easy to open the unit to replace the battery. According to Musegear it lasts about 6 months. It is a commercially available battery that can be bought cheaply anywhere. In the app you can see the current state of the battery, so you can replace it in time.

Open Musegear Finder 2
Open Musegear Finder 2

Functions Under Consideration: Musegear Finder 2

The practical test is preceded by an intensive examination of the functions offered. Musegear advertises the Finder 2 mainly with its range of 50 meters. Of course, this can only be achieved under ideal conditions. As with all Bluetooth devices, the connection is affected by the environment.

As long as a Bluetooth connection is established with the smartphone, an alarm should also be triggered. Surprisingly, this function is not a one-sided one – the smartphone can trigger an alarm from the key finder and vice versa, the key finder can trigger an alarm on the smartphone. The latter should also work if the sound of the mobile phone is switched off.

Back of Musegear Finder 2
Back of Musegear Finder 2

In addition, an alarm can be set that is triggered when the connection is disconnected. Here, WLAN networks can be used to define secure environments in which the alarm will not occur in any case – which should spare the user’s nerves in view of the otherwise very frequent alarms within their own four walls.

The equipment is rounded off by a remote shutter release for the camera of the connected smartphone – a real plus that only a few key trackers offer.

Functionality in Practice

In theory, the functions of the second version of the Finder sound convincing. Can this impression be confirmed in practice?

At first it can be determined that the main function of the device actually works. If the key cannot be found, an alarm can easily be triggered via the Finder app. The sound to be heard then is comparatively loud. In addition to the acoustic signal, there is also an optical signal – the push-button of the finder starts flashing blue. Especially in darkness, this optical signal could prove to be a decisive advantage.

However, the app is easy to overview and well structured. We find our way around without a long orientation time. In addition to the central trigger function for the alarm, there is also a map showing the approximate position of the finder. This is made possible by storing the last GPS signal. In the test, we found that the displayed location did not exactly match the actual one – which is not surprising. However, the finder was in any case in the immediate vicinity of the location listed on the map and drew attention to himself by a loud alarm and the blue flashing, so that we could have found him without any problem with the help of the map and the alarm, had he actually got lost.

The automatic alarm when the connection is broken also works reliably in the test – as does the automatic deactivation in safe environments. With regard to the central functions, the Finder 2 is therefore completely convincing. The signal range is similar to other Bluetooth products, so we could not reach the 50 meters specified by the manufacturer. Inside the apartment, the connection is already broken at less than 10 meters – there are too many other networks that disrupt the connection. In addition, the house walls contribute to a smaller range.

The additional functions – namely the triggering of the smartphone camera and the reverse alarm – also worked perfectly in the test, which confirms the positive overall impression. In order to use the remote release function, the corresponding button must first be activated in the app. Thanks to the clarity of the app this is no problem.

The Functions of the App

Connection Setup

Use the App

Conclusion of the Musegear Finder 2 Review

The Finder 2* is by far the best key tracker currently available. The perfect connection is just as impressive as the flawless functionality of the device. Each of the advertised functions was examined in detail in our test and scored without any deductions. In addition, there is the additional function as a remote trigger of the smartphone camera, which could be useful in everyday life. Also impressive is the support, which even answers on Sunday within minutes.

The only criticism we can express is the lack of watertightness of the case. Surely the device does a lot, but one should not exaggerate it here.

We are completely convinced and can recommend the Finder 2, which also offers a good price-performance ratio.

Musegear Finder 2

Value for Money

Probably the best key finder on the market.

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