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The Couchmaster Cycon by Nerdytec – the Gaming Revolution for Couch Potatoes

Game enthusiasts can now enjoy all systems in order to live out their passion. While console freaks can make themselves comfortable on the couch for hours with the gamepad, PC gamblers are much more limited in this point. Placed on the lap, the laptop finds very little support and the coffee table is also a thoroughly modest alternative. It is not uncommon for this to be too low to meet the demands of extensive game sessions and to give the player neck and back tension.

A lapboard promises improvement at first sight, but after a short time it causes aching legs.

Nerdytec has dedicated itself to this annoying problem and presented already in 2011 with the Couchmaster Cycon the long-awaited solution. Now the developers recently added a new variant and couch potatoes can finally indulge in beloved games without their backs or knees being affected. How the Couchmaster works and if you can finally cuddle into the cushions together with the keyboard, you can find out in our test.

Appealing Design and Meaningful Cable Management

Already during unpacking, one notices that with the Couchmaster, one gets a small construction kit. In addition to the Couchmaster Cycon, two pads, a bag, a USB cable, a 5 m USB 3.0 extension and Velcro tape are included in the scope of delivery.

The Couchmaster Cycon shines with a meaningful construction, so that the assembly takes only a few minutes.

The two 60 x 23 x 18 centimetre support cushions form the basis of the Couchmaster and are given an appealing look by the elegant imitation leather cover. Despite their pleasant flexibility, the foam cuboids offer sufficient support so that they do not yield under heavyweight input devices.

The hand pads can be individually glued, adapted to your own requirements and dismantled when not in use.

The actual storage for the input devices is dimensioned with the dimensions 84 x 35 x 4 centimeters sufficiently, in order to put also more massive keyboards on it. Optically, the shelf nestles perfectly to the support cushions and is given a valuable appearance by the leather imitation. Despite the pleasantly light plastic construction, the shelf has a scratch-resistant surface that is perfected for use with the mouse.

Now it goes to the core of the good piece. A well thought-out cable management system inside the pad makes configuration easier and offers space for all devices such as keyboard, headset, mouse or gamepad.

The Couchmaster Cycon has integrated sufficiently large recesses for the cables, which skilfully hide the cable tangle. Thanks to the rounded edges of the openings, even finer cables are not affected by rough use. The cables can be led out of the housing at the sides or at the top.

The integrated USB 3.0 hub has a total of four outputs, which enable tidy cable management and function as a direct interface to the Couchmaster.

The accessory bag offers all kinds of storage options for smaller equipment and can be positioned anywhere on the Couchmaster Cycon thanks to the Velcro fastener.

Relaxed Pc Gaming in the Depths of Your Own Couch

After all devices are connected to the hub, all covers are closed again and the USB cable is connected to the PC. After this is connected to the TV, you can make yourselves comfortable with the Couchmaster.

It quickly becomes clear that the Couchmaster really only shows its strengths on the use on the armchair or the couch.

The design of the Couchmaster makes it suitable for any body size, but everyone has to find out the ideal position for themselves.
The comfortable armrests prove their worth especially during long gamingsessions and provide a proven gamefeeling. The notebook has a secure grip thanks to the sturdy shelf and the non-slip mouse pad offers plenty of room to let off steam even during action-packed game sequences. The Couchmaster Cycon can even be leaned back and comfortably reached with hands and arms.

The comfortable weight of the Cycon Couchmaster allows you to slide it comfortably into the back corner of your couch and thus prevent back tension.

All games run without any delay thanks to the flawless communication between PC and input devices.

Only strategy games with a very small interface are not tailored for use with the Cycon Couchmaster.

This circumstance is not due to the couchmaster, but rather to the couchgaming itself and the resulting greater distance to the screen.

Anyone who likes to use a massive wheel to race at breakneck speed should also avoid too sharp a steering manoeuvre.

Thanks to the integrated side pockets, you always have a water bottle, snacks and remote control at hand, without having to interrupt the game session.

The Cycon Couchmaster’s light and well thought-out design makes it almost like a mobile desk that can be taken anywhere.

Especially beginners will need some skill to take off the Cycon Couchmaster, but the fixed wiring does a good job here.

All surfaces can be easily cleaned with a cloth after a drunken gaming session and the Couchmaster Cycon can be quickly stowed away again.

Flexibility Is Different

Even if the Cycon Couchmaster blurs the boundaries of console and PC gaming, the basic idea is anything but innovative. So skilled do-it-yourselfers will be able to make the same construction with a few boards and cushions on their own and save a lot of money. This is exactly how nerdytec finally started in Bergisch Gladbach. Even the sophisticated cable management is a curse and a blessing at the same time. On the one hand, it provides a firm fit for all components, but makes it more difficult to use it on different computers.

Conclusion: Simple Idea – Well Thought-Out Implementation

With the Cycon Couchmaster you get a wonderful “nerdy” product and can finally play night after night on the couch. Both lap and back and neck will thank you for it.

With a simple and effective construction you can heat up your PC and enjoy your games on your home TV screen. However, fans of complex strategy games will notice a noticeable difference to the usual gambling at the desk due to the distance and will be forced to “move closer”.

Despite its good size, the good piece can be stowed away after gambling to save space. If the generous space of the Couchmaster Cycon is not enough for you, nerdytec offers you all kinds of useful holders for further equipment, such as your smartphone.

But those who want to save money and don’t have two left hands are well advised to go to a DIY store and build their own Couchmaster with just a few simple steps.


  • appealing design and well thought out construction
  • comprehensive scope of delivery
  • Cleaned cable management
  • flexibly adaptable to any body size
  • convenient gambling thanks to comfortable armrests
  • practical storage compartments for smaller equipment


  • inflexible
  • simple concept – high price

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon

Cable Management
Scope of Delivery


With the Cycon Couchmaster you get a wonderful "nerdy" product and can finally play night after night on the couch. Both lap and back and neck will thank you for it.

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