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Apocalypse Now – God’s Trigger Review

Chaos, flaps and lots of death await you in God’s Trigger, the new co-op top-down shooter from developer One More Level and Techland Publishing.

Imagine It’s Apocalypse and ALL Go There

The story of God’s Trigger is quickly explained. You slip into the roles of Harry, an angel banished from heaven, and Judy, a demon on the run. Together you must stop the impending Apocalypse and find and kill the four horsemen better known as Death, Hunger, War and Plague.

The story is told mainly in such short sequences.

The Tools of Heaven… and Hell

For this job, Judy and Harry have several murder tools at their disposal. On the one hand their own weapons, Harry’s sword of angels or Judy’s chain of hell. On the other hand, they can pick up the countless weapons of their opponents and use them to wreak havoc and destruction. There is everything the shooter heart desires, from the Indian throwing axe to the Teslage rifle.

In addition, the unequal pair possesses supernatural abilities with which they can make short work of opponents in battle with the hordes.

Harry, for example, has a sprint with which he can advance, throw opponents to the ground or break through doors and walls. Judy’s a little more subtle with her teleportation, but no less deadly. Like Harry, she can throw nearby enemies to the ground for a short time or beam them through bars and flame walls.

In the skill tree you improve the abilities of Judy and Harry

In addition, the two have access to various ultimate abilities, which fill up with each killed opponent. Judy can throw a dark vortex, for example, which pulls enemies standing around onto a pile and makes them more susceptible to surface attacks. Alternatively, it can summon doubles that can explode in contact with enemies.

You can also improve these abilities by earning experience points for each character in the different levels. You can then increase the duration or range or reduce the cost of using the abilities.

So you can adjust Harry and Judy as you like before each new level.

Heavy in Order

God’s Trigger is hard, even very hard. You’ll find yourself more than once on the Game Over screen.

This is partly because you only need to be hit once by a blow or projectile – and there is plenty of both – to bless the temporal. On the other hand, you have to deal with groups of enemies most of the time. Together with the mostly narrow levels it happens fast that you catch a ball.

Surrounded, no rarity for Judy and Harry

The exact opposite of this is the boss battles against the four riders, here you usually have only one opponent and you have more freedom of movement. You’ll need them, too, because the riders don’t do things by halves when it comes to hotting you up.

Heavenly Versatile

God’s Trigger offers a great variety of levels. You can fight your way through an old church, a military base or a giant clock.

In many levels there is a certain mechanics that runs through the level. The mechanics range from simply releasing prisoners to moving under constant sniper fire. This brings in some variety and makes sure that you are always excited about what comes next.

In addition, you can destroy almost any item within a level and get ammo, energy for the ultimate ability, or multipliers for experience points. There are also boxes of experience points and weapons hidden in the levels.

And then there’s the “HellJoy”, a magazine with lightly dressed ladies, whose pages you can collect in the individual levels.

All these hidden items and extras invite you to explore and make sure you take a close look at every angle.

Helly beautiful

There’s nothing to complain about about the graphics of God’s Trigger. The textures are sharp. The Cel shader look and rich colors along with the chic explosions are beautiful to look at and the frame rate remains stable even in the biggest shootings.

In God’s Trigger there is a bang at every corner.


All in all God’s Trigger is a challenging game, but if you get involved with the difficulty level, some patience and the motivation to set up the next highscore, you can have a lot of fun. The simple skill system gives you more possibilities to tackle the levels. The levels are chicly staged and offer a lot of variety.

The co-op mode lets you create twice as much chaos and makes twice as much fun.

Those who like Hotline Miami or RUINER will also like God’s Trigger. For newcomers to the genre it will be hard, but with a bit of practice it will be great fun, with a playing time of about seven to eight hours. God’s Trigger is available for PC, Xbox and Playstation and costs Product.

+ short, but sufficient
+ all characters are set to music
– no big twists
+ fast and fun gameplay – you can quickly lose track of everything
+ very motivating to make the levels better at the next try – very hard
– sometimes feels unfair
+ simple control pattern – Aiming with the mouse might be more difficult
Graphic & Sound
+ beautiful optics
+ super soundtrack
– you can’t always tell where to go from

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