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Wolves in Winter – Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 Rules Reviewed

After about four months of waiting, the emotional adventure Life is Strange 2 by the developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix continues. In the second episode Rules not only Sean and Daniel continue their journey, but also the story of Captain Spirit goes on. Here you can find out what awaits you this time. Of course we don’t want to reveal too much in advance, but it’s advisable to have played the first episode before reading it.

One month later…

About a month after the events of the first episode, the action of Rules begins. Winter has now arrived. Deep in the snow-covered forest, the brothers have settled into an abandoned hat. The first shock after the events of the first part has been overcome, but not processed. In the wilderness Daniel trains under the guidance of Sean and can now use his skills in a more controlled way. Sean has also set rules for Daniel: Show no one the strength, tell no one about it and run away when danger threatens.

Training in the forest

Welcome to Beaver Creek!

However, the circumstances force the brothers to move on. Their way leads them to Beaver Creek. The small village is the main scene of the second episode. Back in civilization, the brothers even find a kind of home with their grandparents. They meet new characters and Daniel makes friends with Chris, aka Captain Spirit ,. You will learn more about the family of the brothers and also Chris’ story will be told.

On the way to Beaver Creek

It is highly recommended to play The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit before you start with the second episode of Life is Strange 2. In this free adventure game you get to know Chris and his superhero me Captain Spirit and learn more about his past. Rules not only connects directly to the end of the game, but before the start your score is imported with your decisions from The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit and influences your gaming experience in Life is Strange 2.

A special reunion

For Sean and Daniel, life in the city also has its downsides. Since they’re still on the run, they’ll have to lay low. This is especially difficult for Daniel, because he would like to be a normal child again after the strains he has had so far. Sean tries to teach Daniel how to use his powers properly and to make him understand the implications of them. Responsibility, lies and truth play an important role. The title-giving rules become a critical topic again and again. Similar to the first episode, it’s up to you to decide how Sean reacts to Daniel’s behavior, what Daniel learns from it, and ultimately what he makes of it.

What is to happen will happen

Rules takes more time for dialogues, characters and their relationships. The brothers are no longer alone, as was the case in Roads, where other characters only had entertaining appearances. Also in this episode you’ll notice that the game leaves you the choice, but certain events happen anyway. Even if you’re trying to do the right thing, the game may force you to take actions in some places that you might prefer to avoid. Sean’s behavior is not always comprehensible, but it is perhaps understandable, considering what the brothers have experienced so far and the desire for normality. You can’t change some situations, bitter as it may be. Nevertheless, your decisions have consequences that will have an impact sooner or later.

Serious discussions are the order of the day

Discover and experience

Everything remains playful as usual. You will explore the surroundings with Sean, examine objects and talk to other characters. There are many opportunities to interact with Daniel, Sean can discuss things with him or ask him to use his power. Of course you have to make a lot of very difficult decisions again. These do not remain without consequences. Sean continues to try to live up to his role as Big Brother, which is why many of your decisions have a particular impact on Daniel. Since the potential consequences of an election cannot always be foreseen, it remains, as in the first episode, with a certain uncertainty.

There is much to discover again

The new locations are all lovingly and detailed designed and there is much to discover. At certain points you can draw Sean something again or let him ponder his thoughts. Some dialogues and little things depend on what you are doing with Sean and what other characters are busy with. For example, when Sean draws a scene, Daniel can go somewhere else. If you started drawing a little later, Daniel might already be near again, then Sean draws his brother into the picture. You can also find new optional collectibles and of course repeat the episode in “Collector Mode” to catch up on missed items.

Sean is busy drawing again


Rules continues the adventure very successfully. The plot is a bit decelerated, calmer and focuses more on dialogues and characters. Nevertheless, emotional moments are not missing. The two wolf brothers still have a long way to go, which unfortunately leads them further and further away from any chance of a normal life. The story remains exciting and the events of this episode will surely shape the further journey.

A Thoughtful Moment

Rules offers about three to four hours playing time, depending on how much you explore. When the adventure will continue with the third episode is not yet known. Contrary to the first episode you can’t buy Rules single at the moment, but only in bundle with episodes 2 to 5 for about 32 Euro. Available is Life is Strange 2* for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

+ emotional story, slightly calmer than in the first episode
+ new locations, much to discover
+ Optional find and collector mode
+ Decisions have consequences
– hardly any innovations compared to previous titles, but refined
– many dialogs, therefore less “active” gameplay, compared to first episode
+ relaxed, quiet play – hardly demanding
Control System
+ Controller support for PC – Camera control occasionally annoying
Graphics & Sound
+ Fantastic soundtrack
+ Atmospheric graphic

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