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SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM review – Performant and without frills

The Endorfy brand is a PC hardware manufacturer that was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2007 and was formerly known as SilentiumPC. The company’s main focus in the development of their products is on the most affordable, yet well-equipped components with a solid build quality. The focus is mainly on cases and cooling products such as CPU coolers, fans and AiO water cooling systems. In this review, we take a closer look at the Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM case fan.

The Fluctus 120 PWM is a fan that we have already come across in several CPU cooler reviews and always left a good impression. Since you usually need more than one case fan, especially for gaming PCs, the manufacturer now also offers the fan in a 3-pack, but availability is not yet given. Those who prefer to bring a little more color into the game can also reach for the Fluctus 120 ARGB fans.

Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM Kit Review: Technical Details

Fan Specifications

Fan designation Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM
Bearing type Fluid (FDB)
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Speed 300 – 1400 rpm
Loudness N/A db(A)
Delivery volume N/A m³/h
Static pressure N/A mm H2O
Current consumption 0.3 A
Power consumption 3.6 W

Packaging & scope of delivery

When it comes to the packaging of the fan kit, Endorfy leaves it at a plain look and focuses on the essentials. All three fans are individually packaged and assembled into a compact package by two banderoles. On the large sleeve you can find a product picture and all technical data in English and Polish. The data can be found additionally again on the individual fan packaging.

Opening the three fan packages, one encounters a folded element made of colorful cardboard, which has been printed with a technical drawing and disposal instructions. If you open the box, your gaze falls directly on the fan as well as a short and crisp assembly instruction. There is also a graphic printed behind the fan that shows how the zero-fan mode works. The package also includes four black screws and a PWM extension cable per fan.

Design & Workmanship

The standard version of the Endorfy Fluctus 120 does without any RGB lighting. Instead, the fan frame and the fan have a very plain design and are made of a black-greyish plastic. Also inconspicuous is the manufacturer’s logo, which is pressed into the fan hub.
To reduce vibrations, Endorfy has also attached rubber decouplers to all eight corners of the fan, which can also be removed if necessary. The serrations on the fan blades are also supposed to have a noise-reducing effect, as they are supposed to weaken air turbulence at higher fan speeds.

The fans connect to the motherboard via a black 4-pin PWM cable and feature a speed range between 300-1800 rpm. Furthermore, the hhydrodynamic sleeve bearing is supposed to provide a pleasant smoothness. Conveniently, the manufacturer has also equipped each cable with a Y-switch. This saves the need for a corresponding PWM splitter later during installation.

The Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM makes a good visual impression and looks solidly manufactured. Thus, the fans seem very stable, have a pleasant feel and even the manufacturer’s logo does not “wobble” during operation.

Loudness and cooling performance

To compare the performance of the fans, we use the following test system:

To heat up the processor, it was stressed for 15 minutes with Prime95 (Maximum Heat). The CPU’s temperature was then read out with the CPUID hardware monitor. Different fans including the Fluctus 120 PWM were now mounted on the LC-Power LC-CC-120-RGB heatsink and the temperatures were recorded in the table below. During the measurements, the room had a temperature of 20°C.

Cooler Operating scenario RPM temperature
LC-Power LC-CC-120-RGB 50% PWM 1275 rpm 58.2 °C
LC-Power LC-CC-120-RGB 100% PWM 1900 rpm 55.5 °C
Scythe Slip Stream 120 PWM 50% PWM 950 rpm 61.1 °C
Scythe Slip Stream 120 PWM 100% PWM 1500 rpm 56.6 °C
Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM 50% PWM 1100 rpm 58.0 °C
Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM 100% PWM 1850 rpm 54.3 °C

The Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM not only knows how to convince with the achieved temperatures, it can also stand out from the competition at the same time with the generated noise. Up to a speed of about 1000 rpm, the Fluctus 120 PWM remains pleasantly quiet and no annoying background noise is perceptible. Alternatively, the fans of this series also have a zero fan mode and thus turn off completely.

Summary of the Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM test

As we have come to expect from Endorfy, a solid product has been developed with the Fluctus 120 PWM. The Fluctus 120 PWM can convince with a quiet operation and a high performance at the same time, which makes it suitable as a case fan as well as for use on a radiator or heat sink. This flexibility is further supported by the wide speed range of 300 to 1800 rpm. Vibrations are also prevented through the use of decouplers and due to the six-year warranty, you know that the manufacturer stands behind its product.

However, with a purchase price of around €12 each, the Fluctus 120 PWM is priced above the very popular Arctic P12 PWM PST, of which there are already five available for € 30.68 *. The Fluctus kit with three fans costs a bit less than if you would buy each fan separately, but it is currently not available in Germany. The same is unfortunately true for the kit with the ARGB variant of the Fluctus.

Still, the Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM gets a buy recommendation from us due to its good value for money.

Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM

Value for money


The Endorfy Fluctus 120 PWM is a solid and sleek fan that can be used both in the case and on the heat sink due to its wide speed range. Overall, it offers a very good value for money.

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SilentiumPC is a PC hardware manufacturer that was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2007. The company’s main focus in the development of their products is on the most affordable, yet well-equipped components with a solid build quality. The focus is mainly on cases and cooling products such as CPU coolers, fans and AiO water cooling … (Weiterlesen...)

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