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Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB Review: A Full-Tower-Showcase Made of Steel and Glass

The Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB is a hybrid of Show-Case and Big-Tower. While the shape is reminiscent of a normal, oversized tower, the View 71 offers elements borrowed from the Core series wall-mounted enclosures: a side-mounted radiator next to the motherboard. For example, here is a Water 3.0 Riing RGB or a Floe Riing RGB TT Premium-Edition Complete water cooling mounted, the full tower turns into a colorful showcase. As with the View series enclosures, the graphics card can also be mounted vertically.


The design is “massive”. The Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB requires floor space. The all-round glazing with the bevelled elements creates a modern look. With the three pre-installed RGB LED fans, Thermaltake is also right on trend. In comparison with other tempered glass enclosures, Thermaltake does not lose sight of cooling in the View 71 TG RGB, however, because there are generous air inlets between the glass and the chassis.

The interior is designed modularly so that the Thermaltake View 71 can be used for a wide range of requirements. Up to ten SSDs or seven HDDs can be installed. Several large radiators can be installed for custom loop water cooling. Up to nine fans enable a good airflow. It’s nice to see that Thermaltake has combined a chic exterior with extra functionality. Top!

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Thermaltake View 71 TG (Tempered Glass) RGB PC-Geh
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of Delivery & Workmanship

The workmanship is top. The packaging is also good. So I can’t blame Thermaltake for the fact that my review sample arrived damaged. Shit happens. Except for the broken front fairing behind the tempered glass, which was undamaged, I could not see any defects. With a weight of 22 kg (with packaging) you expect a solid construction – and get it delivered!

The accessories consist of a bag with screws, cable ties, a “manual” and the control for the Riing fans. A box for the screws would be appropriate with the price probably, but perhaps I am also simply spoiled.

Technical Data

Housing type Big/Full Tower
Dimensions (H x W x D) 592 x 274 x 577 mm
Net Weight approx. 19 kg
Side section/front/cover 5mm Tempered Glass
Color Exterior & Interior : Black
Material SPCC steel
Optical drives
– in cage
– behind MB

4x 2,5/3,5 inch
6x 2.5 or 3x 3.5 inch
Fans, pre-installed Back:
1x 140 mm Riing RGB fan
2x 140 mm Riing RGB Fan
Extension slots 8+2
Mainboards Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX
I/O Connections 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD audio
Power supply unit Standard ATX PSU (optional)
Fan Support Front:
3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm
3x 120 mm or 3x 140 mm
Back side:
1x 120 mm or 1x 140 mm
2x 120mm
Radiator Support Front:
max. 360/420 mm
max. 360/420 mm
Back side:
max. 120/140 mm
Right side:
max. 360/420 mm
max. 240 mm (depending on power supply)
Clearance CPU cooler:
up to 190 mm
Graphics card length:
310 mm with HDD cage
410 mm without HDD cage
Power supply:
220 mm (without fan in the bottom)

System Construction in Thermaltake View 71 TG

First, I removed all the glass elements to reduce the weight of the tower. The glass plates on the front and bottom are each held with four thumbscrews, which have to be loosened to be able to remove them. The two side parts are doors with hinges that can be unhooked once the two screws have been removed. Then fix the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Aorus 6G into the vertical mount to demonstrate this. When removing the bracket I had to use a lot of patience and WD40, because Thermaltake tightened one of the screws very tight. Then fix the hard disk cages removed and thrown into the trash can, the SSD/HDD mounts to the right of the motherboard removed and the hardware clean. I used the AiO water cooling from my “old” case together with the mainboard in the Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB and then installed the power supply.

To install the SSD on the backside you have to remove the holder by loosening the thumbscrew. The bracket holds two SSDs or one HDD. In the next step I mounted the fans of the AiO water cooling system so that the “air” is blown against the windshield on the right side, from where it can escape through the generous distances to the chassis. The fans in the floor suck air into the interior of the Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB Full-Towers and contribute to cooling by supplying cool air to both the graphics card and the radiator. What I missed were well accessible openings to plug the connectors into the lower edge of the motherboard. Anyone who has seen other reviews of me will be surprised about the unusual “clean” cable management.

Since this is my personal hardware, which I gave a new case to, the graphics card looks a little different, but also comes from Gigabyte. I was able to save this specimen from exploitation in a mining rig and it has provided me with faithful services ever since. The hardware has a lot of space in the Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB and the airflow is great. The RGB fans are very discreet due to the tinted glass and if you look closely you can see the RGB control, which I did not place in the case, but on the outside. Optically this may not be very demanding, but it allows me to switch off the LEDs at the push of a button.


The Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB Big-Tower has replaced my “old” Midi-Tower. Even if I miss an optional PSU-Shroud and now look at white illuminated connectors on my power supply: the case is great! Extremely large space for cable management, lots of space for a custom loop and a great, functional design. Of course, the Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB with a price above 200 Euro does not hit everyone’s wallet. But if you are in this segment, you should definitely take a look at View 71. It’s worth it!

Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB

Cable Management
Water Cooling Support
Value for Money


The Thermaltake View 71 TG RGB combines a show case with a big tower without neglecting the cooling of the hardware. In addition to three 140 mm fans with RGB LED lighting (including control and the option to switch off the LEDs), the tower offers the option of vertical mounting of the graphics card.

Thermaltake View 71 TG (Tempered Glass) RGB PC-Geh
This product is currently unavailable.

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