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Cooler Master MH670 in review: Not quite convincing, but good

Looking for a wireless headset without a lot of bells and whistles? Maybe the Cooler Master MH670 is something for you. The MH630 is the smallest of three brothers. There is also the MH650 and the MH670. In our case, the headset costs around 110 Euros, which is quite a bit for a wireless headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound. We test the headset for you!

Technical data

Driver 50 mm
Type Around-the-ear
Frequency range 15 Hz – 25 kHz (wired), 20 Hz – 20 kHz (wireless)
Impedance 32 Ω
Sound pressure level 110 dB at 1k Hz
Weight without cable 346.5 g
Weight with cable 373 g
Cable length and type microUSB charging cable (1.2 m)
Battery life 30 hours
Radio range 2.4 GHz, range n. a.
Price € 110.00

Packaging & Accessories

Cooler Master goes for the kind of packaging we generally see in the gaming peripheral market. With all sorts of info and an image of the product, but still kept simple. Black and purple are Cooler Master’s colors and therefore also seen on the box. The MH670 arrives well secured, nothing can break during transport for sure.

In the box we find all kinds of accessories. Besides the MH670 including a USB dongle, there is of course a charging/data cable. Yes, the cable is not only there to charge the headset, more about that later. You also want to use the headset on your cell phone? No problem, because Cooler Master includes a USB-C adapter in the box. The shape is debatable, but at least such an adapter is included. The jack connection is also taken care of, because a cable for it is also included.

Design & workmanship

If you look at the entire MH6X0 series from Cooler Master, you’ll notice that the three headsets all look very similar after all. The manufacturer thus goes for a really simple design, without a lot of frills or accents. If desired, there is a purple frame around the ear cups, but our test model is completely black. Besides the implied Cooler Master logo, that’s about it. Visually, the MH630 is definitely an eye-catcher and can also be worn on the bus or train without hesitation, for example, since the microphone is detachable.

However, despite the simple design, you don’t neglect the quality of the headset. Of course, you can’t expect a high-end product at this price, but everything is still well-made and the materials used feel high-quality – from the plastic of the case to the ear cup covers. To add the final touch, all connection cables are sleeved and sufficiently long. We have to make concessions with the ear cups, since the synthetic leather of the padding already shows clear signs of use after a short time. Of course, we can’t say when the padding will completely wear out in the long run.

Stable is definitely what the MH670 is. The headband is equipped with a metal bracket, so this stays well in place and sits firmly on the head. This is also helped by the movable ear cups, to which the metal hoop is attached.


The padding of the Cooler Master MH670 can convince. Both the headband and the ear cups have a thick foam padding, with which the headset sits comfortably on the head even in the long run. However, the synthetic leather cover is not really convincing. Thus, there are quickly sweaty ears, air comes through as good as not.

To make the headset fit better on your head, you can adjust it via a grid. To do this, you simply pull the ear cups out of the headband, and then get clear feedback when you adjust one of the twelve levels.

Recording and playback quality

The Cooler Master MH670 promises sound at a high level. And good sound is something we can actually expect at this price. As with almost every gaming headset, the bass is a bit too heavy, but with a little tweaking in the software we can still get a bit out of it. Otherwise, the MH670 delivers a good, clear sound.

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However, the recording quality is not very convincing in wireless mode. We arrive at our conversation partners a bit muffled and quiet. Fortunately, we can turn up the volume in most voice programs. At least we arrive without noise or delay, which is probably often the biggest concern when using a wireless headset.

To our surprise, however, the playback quality increases as soon as we connect the headset to the computer via USB. It feels like the bass is a bit more, but the mids and trebles are more detailed. This effect can be enhanced via the equalizer in the Cooler Master MH670 software.

Even while the headset is charging, it can be used. On the one hand this is an advantage, on the other hand it increases the playback quality. Although we buy a wireless headset, the playback quality is better when it is wired.


Cooler Master has three different wireless headsets for every price range with its MH6X0 series. The MH670, tested here, is the most expensive of the bunch. The workmanship could already convince us. The padding is good and invites for longer gaming sessions, if it weren’t for the artificial leather. You quickly get sweaty ears under the material, and the ears are not sufficiently ventilated.

Recording and playback quality are also sufficient, but the MH670 cannot really convince. The recording volume in particular could definitely be higher. Otherwise, the playback is completely okay, even if the bass is a bit excessive. Fine-tuning can still be done in the corresponding software, though.

If you want a wireless headset and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you can be happy with the Cooler Master MH670. The build quality is good, but the leatherette padding is not very practical. The sound quality is also okay, but could be better.


Cooler Master MH670

Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Great wireless headset with one or two weaknesses. The sound quality could definitely be better at this price.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Looking for a wireless headset without a lot of bells and whistles? Maybe the Cooler Master MH670 is something for you. The MH630 is the smallest of three brothers. There is also the MH650 and the MH670. In our case, the headset costs around 110 Euros, which is quite a bit for a wireless headset … (Weiterlesen...)

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